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Cities in Portugal

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NRCSA Center: Central de Linguas
Faro, Portugal  


About the NRCSA Center

The NRCSA Center in Faro has successfully conducted Portuguese courses for foreigners since 1972, and has established a special department in charge of the creation of materials and the improvements of teaching techniques. Students have free access to all the facilities, which includes a language library, language laboratory, video and computer services. Teachers are carefully selected, university qualified, and native speakers of Portuguese.

The NRCSA Center for Faro holds a membership in a variety of qualitative organizations, including the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon, the Portuguese UK Chamber of Commerce, the College Consortium of International Studies in the U.S., the International Association of Language Centers (IALC), and the International Conference Group of Portugal, U.S. In 1990, their language courses were recognized by the ICALP (Instituto Portugues de Lingua e Cultura).

Castles perched on craggy heights, the filigreed stonework of cathedrals. The surprise of a journey back in time, past townships completely enclosed by medieval walls. These are some of the jewels from Portugal's treasure chest that are offered to those who visit the country. Come and discover this treasure. It will unveil forgotten civilizations, epic events lived by a people with eight centuries of history. From North to South, in cities, towns and villages, you will find testimony to the past, providing memories that will enrich you.


About Faro

Since the middle of the 16th century, Faro has been the capital of the sunny Algarve region. Famous for its fine beaches, its historical Moorish legacy is seen in the gleaming white villages. Though it has a long history, almost all of the city's buildings were destroyed in an earthquake in 1755 and most of its finest buildings are comparatively modern. It was liberated from Moorish domination in 1249 and a bronze statute of King Alfonso III stands in the main square. The old quarter of town is still surrounded by parts of the ancient defensive walls and is worth exploring. The school facility in Faro is also centrally located and within walking distance of shopping and business areas.

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