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Program & Admission Information - Paris, France  



The teaching methods are both efficient and dynamic, and involve:
  •   The students' active and spontaneous participation
  •   A variety of activities and learning strategies
  •   A relaxed atmosphere with class-work based on interaction
  •   Personalized teaching and pedagogical supervision.

To develop comprehension and expression, teachers have at their disposal a wide choice of teaching aids, authentic texts, cassettes, videos, and CD-ROMs. Material for each class is chosen based on subject matter and teacher preference. To ensure that students receive the highest possible training two teachers alternate in working with each mini-group.

Courses start every Monday for all levels except beginners. Beginners can start only on the first Monday of each month. Courses are offered at all levels, beginner to advanced, and each lesson is 45 minutes in duration.

Students are requested to arrive at 8.30 on the first Monday to take an initial test in oral and written French. On Mondays, classes therefore start at 10:00. Each Monday students receive an individual timetable of classes, civilization courses, films to be shown, and the week's extracurricular activities.

Mini-Group Course
15 hours per week. This course consists of general French study in a group setting of no more than 6 students, allowing each student to participate actively and to have maximum speaking practice. Lessons are held in morning from 9.00 to 12.00 or exceptionally from 14.00(2:00PM) to 17.00(5:00PM), Tuesday through Friday, and from 10.00 to 13.00 (1:00PM) on Mondays.

Mini-Group & Culture Course
19 hours per week-15 General French and 4 cultural classes/excursions. Intermediate Level Required.
This course consists of the Mini-Group Course general French study combined with 2 hours of civilization and 2 hours of excursions per week. French lessons are held in morning from 9.00 to 12.00 or exceptionally from 14.00(2:00PM) to 17.00(5:00PM), Tuesday through Friday, and from 10.00 to 13.00 (1:00PM) on Mondays.

The afternoon cultural classes focus upon French cultural and contemporary life, such as painting, fine wines, history of Paris, cinema as a prelude to excursions given by professional guides.

Mini-Group/Tutor Course
20 hours per week. The course includes 15 hours of Mini-Group General French language study combined with 5 hours of individual study per week with a tutor. The individual study has the advantage of being made-to-measure to meet the specific needs of the student, such as preparation for special exams, technical French, business, legal and scientific terms, etc.

Tutor Course
10 hour per week. This course has the advantage of being tailored to student's level, requirements, and individual timetable. It also can be oriented, if required, to a particular professional field, for instance to finance, insurance, law, tourism, or to the examinations for the Chambre de Commerce de Paris, or preparation for the DELF or the DALF examinations.

French & Cooking
This French & Cooking program enables you to combine a French course with local cooking classes at local chef's kitchen or attend a cooking demonstration. This unique program offers exciting hands-on language and culinary education, meaningful cultural immersion, and an enriching language program.

Cookery Demonstration at the Ritz Escoffier School
At the Ritz Escoffier school of French gastronomy, attend a cookery demonstration to make your mouth water. A chef conjures up a complete meal or several pātisserie recipes. He describes each "trick of his trade" in detail. A large mirror placed above the work surface allows spectators to observe what is going on in the pots and pans. The participants then taste the dishes. The presentation is given in French with an English translation.

Cookery Course in a Parisian apartment
In a splendid Parisian apartment, a cordon-bleu cook reveals the secrets of her simple and traditional recipes.

For more information about these programs, contact us!


Admissions & Academic Credit

All students aged 18 years and older are welcomed regardless of educational background, occupation or nationality. No previous knowledge of French is required except where otherwise indicated.

Students desiring credit for their language study program should contact their home school or request the NRCSA Credit Fact Sheet. U.S. schools which have granted credit for their own students attending this institution have done so on the basis of 15 hours or instruction equaling one semester credit.

For more information about academic credit in French speaking countries, please click here.
For general information on academic credit, please click here.


Certificates and Exams

All the students who have regularly followed the course will receive a Certificate indicating the level attained.

The following exam preparation courses are available at an additional cost:

  •   Grandes Ecoles competitive examinations
  •   Chambre de Commerce de Paris
  •   DELF
  •   DALF
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Mini-Group Course
Mini-Group & Culture Course
Mini-Group/Tutor Course
Tutor Course

Admissions & Academic Credit
Certificates and Exams

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