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Lodging & Arrival Information - Cuernavaca, Mexico  




Spanish lessons are enhanced by the Mexican host family program. The school's housing office has an extensive list of host families selected for the amenities they provide and their willingness to offer additional conversation practice to students. All host families are eager to welcome students into their homes, sharing with them the warmth of Mexican home life.

For students who prefer luxury over adventure, convenience over cultural experience and night life over family life, living with a Mexican host family may not be for them. However, if students have an adventurous spirit with an interest in people and cultural growth, then living with a Mexican host family is the ideal way to live and learn Spanish in the most fulfilling ways possible.

Criteria For All Host Families

* Willingness to incorporate students into daily family life.
* Provide clean, comfortable, affordable accommodations.
* Be located no more than 15 minutes from the school by car.
* Provide transportation to students not within walking distance.
* Have a telephone for students to receive calls.
* Provide 3 meals daily.

The following Homestay options are available:

  • Plan B - Standard HomestayA shared room with another student at Universidad Internacional, or a room shared with a member of the host family. Includes access to a shared bathroom and shower. The room is in a smaller home without a garden or swimming pool. Three meals are included in the plan. The program costs expressed in the 2004 Dates & Fees include Plan B lodging.

  • Plan A - Standard Upgrade HomestaySingle room and shared bathroom in spacious homes with a garden and sometimes a pool. Three meals are included in the plan. This option is available at additional cost.

  • Plan AA - Upscale HomestayA private room and bath in spacious homes which usually have a garden, swimming pool, and other amenities. Three meals are included in the plan. This option is available at additional cost.

The Guest Residence

It is located 2 blocks from the University. Students may choose private rooms with bathrooms and enjoy the same facilities as with a Mexican host family, but not with the benefit of living with a Mexican family. Three meals are also included in this plan. This option is available at additional cost. Not available May - July. Reservations should be made in early due to only 9 rooms available.

Apartment & Bungalows

Cuernavaca has also a number of furnished apartments and bungalows available (one or two bedroom units). These may be attractive to married students who come with their family, or anyone wanting more independence. This option is available at additional cost.


We can provide some limited assistance to students in finding hotels, however, the student should plan on making own arrangements.

Non-student Housing If traveling with spouse, friend, or child, non-student homestays are available at a reasonable daily rate, including meals.


Arrival Information

An arrival transfer from the Mexico City airport is available upon request, and at additional cost. Lodging information is sent 7-14 days prior to departure. Information on where to go and how to get there will be sent to students prior to departure.


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