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Programs & Admission - Lisbon, Portugal  



The methodology used in the classroom places a strong emphasis on communication skills, and is delivered to the student utilizing a multimedia approach. This approach helps bring the Portuguese language to life for the student.. The method can be described as structural/functional, in that the structure and grammar of the language are taught and absorbed naturally through practical usage. All instruction is given in Portuguese and most classes have different teachers to ensure that the student does not become overly accustomed to one voice or accent. Practice in the language laboratory is strongly encouraged so that the student may speak Portuguese clearly, fluently and with a correct accent.

Classes are continuous and progressive from the student's start date, but apart from beginners who must start on specific dates, a student may start their program on any Monday throughout the year. There are six levels of instruction available: beginner, elementary, pre-elementary, intermediate, pre-advanced, and advanced.

Group Course 15
15 hours per week. The Group Course 15 consists of 3 hours per day for two or more weeks. Oral class work is an important part of the program and includes conversation, dictation, and grammar combined with language lab work. Classes meet in the mornings, 9:00 - 12:00 or the afternoons, 14:00 - 17:00. Student's preferences for morning or afternoon classes may be requested, but cannot be guaranteed. There are 6 or less students per group.

Group Course 30
30 hours per week. The Group Course 30 consists of 6 hours per day for two or more weeks working within the same format as the Group 15 but more intensive in nature. This program in available June - September Only.

Gastronomy Program
Four hours per week of Cooking classes in small groups. This course combines the Group course of 15 hours per week with the school's Gastronomy program. Get to know Portuguese cuisine. Typical dishes, wines, sweets and cheeses. Learn how to cook, and enjoy the results with your classmates.

Study & Volunteer Program
This Study & Volunteer program in Lisbon combines a group study program and volunteer placement in the community for a minimum of 4 weeks.

All opportunities will work in partnership with local people in a variety of community-based projects.

This unique program offers exciting hands-on volunteering opportunities, meaningful cultural immersion, and an enriching language program.

During the minimum 4 week Study & Volunteer program, the students will volunteer in the afternoon after their morning group Portuguese classes.

The center will find projects in the preferred area of the students, such as:

-Working with Children
-Elderly People
-Community Centers
-Assisting at the Banco Alimentar
-Others may be available upon request

For more information about this program, contact us!

Executive/Special Vocabulary Course
25 hours per week. The course combines the Group course of 15 hours per week with 10 hours per week of individual instruction and area activities. It is specifically designed for students with special language needs.

Teacher Workshop Course
Group 30 hours per week. The Teacher Workshop (Ensino de Português Língua Estrangeira (EPLE)) is an intensive Portuguese & cultural activities class specifically designed for native and non-native teachers of Portuguese a Foreign Language in public or private institutions in or outside Portugal.

Brazilian or African Portuguese
Tutor 20 hours per week. These specialized Portuguese courses are available for those who wish to expand their language boundaries. Both consist of 4 hours per day of language instruction in a one-on-one tutorial setting. Specific materials and experienced teachers of Brazilian and African origin or background.

Easter Course
15 hours per week. The course consists of 3 hours per day of language instruction in a group setting of 12 or less students per class. Cultural topics about the Easter holiday also included.


Admissions & Academic Credit

All students age 17 years and older are welcommed regardless of educational background, occupation or nationality. No previous knowledge of Portuguese is required except where otherwise indicated.

Students desiring credit for their language study program should contact their home school or request the NRCSA Credit Fact Sheet. Generally, U.S. schools consider 15 hours of study to be equal to 1 semester credit. Check with your own college or university for credit transfer.

For general information on academic credit, please click here.


Certificates & Exams

School certificates and diplomas will be issued to all students who have attended their classes regularly and successfully completed final examinations. Examinations and evaluations will be given at the conclusion of each 4 week course.

The following diplomas given out by the school include:

1. Attendance certificate given to all students at all levels

2. Intermediate diploma for students who have reached the school's Level 4

3. Advanced diploma for students who have reached the school's Level 6

4. Certificate - E.P.L.E. for Teacher's workshop

5. Certificate - Portuguese for special purposes

Program Overview (PDF)

Group Course 15
Group Course 30
Gastronomy Program
Executive/Special Vocabulary Course
Teacher Workshop Course
Brazilian or African Portuguese
Easter Course

Admissions & Academic Credit
Certificates & Exams

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