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Program & Admission Information - Taipei ,Taiwan  


The Programs

The program is designed to combine grammar with conversation, reading and writing practice. Furthermore, the school's books and teaching material will introduce students to the history, geography and culture.

The teaching methodology is fun, self-paced and ideally requires four to six weeks for students to develop basic communication skills.

Students are assessed and receive instruction at their appropriate level. Depending on the student's ability they will spend class time in any of the following activities:

Pronunciation and discussion
Reading and writing skills
Listening and comprehension
Cultural awareness

Students often combine classes in the study city with independent weekend field trips to small towns where the target language is primarily spoken. The local school staff is happy to provide students with information to facilitate these visits.


Elementary - Speaking
   •Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol. 1
   •Practical Everyday Chinese
   •Speak Chinese
   •Mandarin Step by Step

Elementary - Reading
   •Selections form Mandarin Daily News
   •Elementary School Mandarin Primers Vol.1-6

Intermediate - Speaking
   •Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol. 2
   •Practical Everyday Chinese II
   •Practical Chinese Dialogues II
   •Taiwan Today
   •Chatting in Chinese
   •Practical Business    •Conversations I, II
   •Business Chinese 500
   •Speaking with Chinese in Taipei

Intermediate - Reading
   •Reading Chinese Newspaper : A Modern Approach
   •Newspaper Readings 1,2
   •Business Reading
   •Chinese Moral Tales
   •Chinese Customs and Tradition

Advanced - Speaking and Reading
   •Daily Newspapers Articles
   •Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol. 3)
   •New Radio Plays
   •Stories from Chinese History, Vol. 1-2
   •Selected Contemporary Chinese Short Stories
   •Thought and Society
   •The Independent Reader

All classes are held one-to-one with your teacher unless you are traveling with other students at the same level and want to share the same teacher for your classes. Prices are reduced for multiple people sharing the teacher.

One-to-one classes allow you to tailor your program, making for a more intensive learning experience. It also allows you to focus on a particular aspect of the language. Private Classes are also great for business professionals, businessmen and women, diplomats and clients who wish to improve specific language skills in the shortest time possible. Our programs are based on the student's existing language skills, his/her expectations and personal, professional and social needs.


Admissions & Academic Credit

All interested adults who have completed high school or equivalency, and are age 18 or older are welcome to participate in the program.

Group Course

Admissions & Academic Credit
Certificates & Exams

Cultural, Social & Excursion Activities


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