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Study & Internship Program in Buenos Aires - Argentina  

Program Overview
This Study & Internship program combines a minimum 4 week Standard Group Spanish Study program followed up with a minimum 16 week Internship Work Experience placement in the community.

All internship opportunities will work in partnership with local people in a variety of community-based projects. This unique program offers exciting hands-on work opportunities, meaningful cultural immersion, and an enriching language program.

After participating in this Study & Internship Program in Buenos Aires, students will gain unique cross-cultural professional experience, greatly improved foreign language abilities, personal and professional growth and confidence both nationally and internationally, and culturally sensitive yet sound communication skills.

Study Program
The study portion of the program includes 20 hours per week of Group Spanish classes with a 4 week minimum prior to internship. Maximum number of students per class is 5, with the average being 2 students. Groups are organized in a way that each will always consist of students possessing the same level of Spanish.

All of our teachers are native speakers with university educations and are very experienced teaching Spanish to foreigners. Most have learned a second language themselves and understand the student's perspective.

The method is based on the 4 language skills: listening, grammar, oral and written comprehension. No English will be used in class. Classes are 55 minutes in length. Classes are either from 9 until 1 or 2 until 6 with two short snack breaks.

Our program is divided into 6 levels of study. The first 4 are concentrated on grammar, vocabulary, practical situations, and conversation. The next 2 levels, advanced and superior, focus mainly on conversation and advanced reading and writing topics.

Levels & Course Content

Our program is divided into 6 levels of study. The first eight are concentrated on grammar, vocabulary, practical situations, and conversation. The next levels, advanced and superior, focus mainly on conversation and advanced reading and writing topics.

NOTE: Content descriptions are examples of topics covered. Discussion topics and themes vary.

- Beginner 1: (No Spanish) pronunciation, identifying people and things, present tense, family members, "ser" and "estar", interrogative pronouns, indefinite/definite articles, greetings, demonstative adjectives, present progressive tense, "hay" and "tener", days and months, possessive adjectives.

- Beginner 2: reflexive verbs and pronouns, sports and activities, future informal ("ir" + ), preferences and desires, "nunca"/"siempre", imperative tense, ordinal numbers, "tener que", "haber", and "deber", prepositions of time and place, imperfect tense.

- Intermediate 1: relative pronouns, interrogative pronouns, "para" and "por", past perfect irregulars, future imperfect, conditional tense, present subjunctive, uses of subjunctive verbs, "seguir" and "quedar", preterite perfect "estar" + gerund, irregular subjunctive verbs.

- Intermediate 2: preterite perfect subjunctive, passive voice, uses of "se", verbs with prepositions, adverbial expressions, diminutives and augmentatives, idomatic expressions, preterite imperfect subjunctive, prepositional phrases, synonyms and antonyms.

- Advanced: advanced writing, reading, and conversation. Topics vary.


Teachers use our own course book, developed by a team of our teachers, for about half of the class, while the other half of the class is devoted to special class needs and supplements, such as selected audios, videos, and current readings.

All of our teachers are native speakers with university educations and are very experienced teaching Spanish to foreigners. Most have learned a second language themselves and understand the student's perspective.

Internship Program
After the minimum 4 week study program, there is a 16 week minimum internship placement in a business or organization in one of the following fields:

-Medical Field
-Social/Legal Work
-Arts & Handicrafts
-Other fields may be available upon request

Internship Placement Location
20-25 minutes from the institute in Buenos Aires

Lodging Options

Students stay in homestays during their Study Program and in student apartments during their Internship Program.

Students staying in a homestay will be able to practice their Spanish and be exposed to local culture. Middle class families are carefully selected and provide each student with a private room. Do not assume that you are too old for a homestay as many of our students are older than their host "parents". For many of our students, their homestay is one of the most rewarding experiences.

Student Apartments
All apartments are located in residential neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, between 20 – 30 minutes walking distance from the city center, and offer the students a maximum of security and comfort with a fully equipped kitchen, a furnished living room and bedrooms. Each apartment houses between 3 and 6 students.

Undergraduate, graduate students and adults with an undergraduate degree or higher. * Prior experience in the area & Spanish background (Spanish Intermediate level normally is required)

Internship positions on a space available basis. These are unpaid positions.

Minimum Work Commitment
A minimum of 4 week preparatory Immersion language study at the school plus a minimum of 16 week commitment to the internship is required.

U.S. citizens traveling on regular passports for tourism or business do not need a visa for a stay of 90 days or less. Those planning a longer visit must obtain a visa in advance of arrival.

What's Included?

• Group - 20 Hours per Week in Group of 5- 12 Students per class. ( 4 week min)
• 50 min class hour
• Internship Placement in local Business or Organization
• Lodging
• Arrival Transfer from the airport
• Placement Testing
• 1-2 Organized Activities Weekly*
• Access to E-mail
• Access to Multimedia Learning Center
• Certificate of Completion
• Pre-Departure Information
• Planning Guide
• Medical, Accident and Sickness Coverage **
• Medivac Coverage
• Other Travel Coverage (repatriation, baggage, personal effects, accidental death and dismemberment , etc.)
• 24 Hour Emergency Multilingual Hotline (call collect from anywhere in the world)

* Entrance fees, transportation, etc. may be at additional cost.
** See policy for definitions and exclusions.

NRCSA | Group Program
Internship program   Register  
  2009 Dates: Start any Monday in 2009.

  2009 Fees: 12 weeks: $ 3,989
  16 weeks: $ 5,299

Group Program & Internship: 20 hours per week. The Group Program consists of 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday, of Spanish language study in a group setting with a maximum of 5 students per class. Internship will start start after the 4 weeks Spanish Classes.

Bueno Aires:

A sprawling metropolis that rises from the Río Plata and stretches more than 194 square kilometers (75 square miles) to the surrounding pampas, the fertile Argentine plains. Block after block of tidy, high-rise apartment buildings interspersed with 19th century houses continue as far as the eye can see. Dozens of suburban neighborhoods, each with its own particular character and well-groomed parks, surround the downtown area.

Unlike most South American cities, whose architectural styles reveal a strong Spanish colonial influence, Buenos Aires looks more like Paris, with wide boulevards lined with palatial mansions. Flowers are sold at colorful corner kiosks, the smell of freshly baked bread fills the air around well-stocked bakeries, and cafés appear on every block.

Major sites in Buenos Aires include Casa Rosada, the official presidential residence and government headquarters; Catedral Metropolitana; Centro Cultural Recoleta, with its art shows and concerts; Museo Historico Nacional, outlining the official history of Argentina, and many other sites of great historical value.

SPL is centrally located in downtown Buenos Aires.

Cultural and Social Activities
The study center in Buenos Aires plans afternoon social activities three times per week in places that are not frequented by the average visitor, thus giving the student an "inside" look at Argentine life. These activities are offered for a small fee.

• Community dinners
• Sporting events such as soccer games in local parks
• Theater productions.
• Weekend outings and activities are organized once a week.
• The Activities Coordinator can offer and advise on tango lessons, nightlife activities and culture.

The Clarin or La Nacion, a locally printed newspapers, provide daily local and world news and is also a good source for information about movies, concerts, art exhibitions, and other events of interest in the city and its surrounding towns. There is always plenty to do in Buenos Aires, day and night!

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Application Procedure:

• To apply for the Internship Program, fill out the Registration Form by clicking the register link and submit on-line or mail including the deposit of $140 US.

• Also, you will have to send your Curriculum Vitae/Resume in Spanish OR English, typewritten by email to or fax at 414-271-8884.

To register for the internship, please click


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