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NRCSA Study & Internship Programs Abroad  

Enhance Your Resume with an Internship Abroad

We are happy to assist you in finding an internship in your field of study in a foreign country. The objective of internships is to enhance foreign language and intercultural skills through a structured experiential program.

This Study & Internship program typically combines a minimum 4 week Standard Group Language Study program followed up with a minimum of 6 to 16 week Internship Work Experience placement in the community.

All opportunities will work in partnership with local people in a variety of community-based projects. This unique program offers exciting hands-on work opportunities, meaningful cultural immersion, and an enriching language program.

Many university age students arrange academic credit for internships with their home university, with placement assistance and supervision provided by the foreign school. Some foreign schools also send progress reports to the student's home university. Programs for academic credit need to be defined well in advance.

Internships (except teaching English) require ‘functional’ foreign language skills and final interviews with local employers. When interviews are successfully concluded, some students work full-time, while others work part-time while continuing to study and improve language skills through hands-on work experience.

Scheduling, interviewing and acceptance of an internship is the responsibility of the student. The school suggests employers and provides introductions, however, determining if you are right for the job and visa-versa is between you and the employer.

The local coordinator may mediate between you and the employer if misunderstandings arise and assist with second placements if necessary, but they cannot guarantee success. While most internships are successful, some are not. The biggest problems relate to two factors: a lack of language skills to do the job and intern/employer differences regarding work norms and expectations.

Why Participate?

-To broaden one's foreign language skills
-To experience foreign business practices first hand
-To immerse oneself into intercultural exchange both academically and professionally
-To combine travel, academics, and business into one incredible life-changing experience
-To set oneself apart from other applicants in the job search world

What Will I Gain?

-Unique cross-cultural professional experience
-Greatly improved foreign language abilities
-Personal and professional growth and confidence both nationally and internationally
-Culturally sensitive yet sound communication skills
-Enhanced resume
-Grown international, professional network


International internships are quite difficult to find on your own. The majority of interns choose to go through NRCSA because we offer the best customer service and coordination, as scheduling your program with us is much easier than going through international channels (think time zones, language barriers, etc.).

We offer many valuable services and components including pre-departure preparation and information, language lessons, internship coordination and search, interview assistance, on the ground support, accommodations, medical insurance and Emergency Hotline staffed 24 hours/day.

How Does This Program Work?

Tentative advance placement is based upon your letter and resumé. Final coordination is completed upon arrival. Scheduling of interviews with organizations takes place within one to four weeks for internships (later if internship requires improving your language skills). It is helpful to research the city/country you will visit prior to departure. If you are familiar with the area, government, and/or social structure/norms it will be easier to adjust and improvise.


Argentina - Buenos Aires

Chile - Santiago

China - Shanghai

Ecuador - Quito

France - Paris

Germany - Berlin

Mexico - Cuernavaca

Peru - Cuzco

How to Register
1. Read and review carefully all the information about the internship program provided on the NRCSA web site. If you have questions, need additional information or would like a little guidance as to which program would best suite your needs, call or e-mail NRCSA. Call toll free at 1-888-678-6211

2. Once you've made your choice, complete and submit the NRCSA Registration Form to NRCSA, along with your registration fee, resumé and introduction letter outlining:
a) what type of internship position you would like
b) your foreign language ability
c) your educational and/or professional background as it relates to the internship position you are interested in.

We will review your request relative to available local resources. Allow about 2 weeks for this process. If there are matches, the school accepts you and you continue the registration process.

Accepting your request means the internship coordinator will TRY to meet your needs but they cannot guarantee results. Internships are all dependent on outside people, agencies, organizations or employers. Internships always require a final interview between employer and prospective interns which may not be mutually satisfactory.

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