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Study & Internship Programs in Cuernavaca, Mexico  

Keep learning Spanish outside the classroom and apply it into your work or studies field

The program in Cuernavaca offers a unique opportunity to combine the Intensive Spanish Program with a hands-on internship. Students will gain not only valuable work experience, but will also explore a particular field from a cross-cultural perspective.

Advantages & Benefits of the Internship Program

1.The student will learn to communicate in Spanish more rapidly immersed in a Spanish speaking environment.
2.The student will learn and master work-related vocabulary.
3.The student will interact with Mexicans and gain invaluable insight into Mexican culture.
4.The student will have the opportunity to form personal and professional friendships.
5.Participants in the program have the option of receiving credits.
6.The internship program is an option available to all enrolled students with no additional cost.

The student will participate in 4 weeks Intensive Spanish Language Program follow by 4 or 8 weeks work in the internship placement.

Program Overview
This Study & Internship program combines a minimum 4 week Standard Group Spanish Study program followed up with a minimum 8 week Internship Work Experience placement in the community.

All internship opportunities will work in partnership with local people in a variety of community-based projects.

This unique program offers exciting hands-on work opportunities, meaningful cultural immersion, and an enriching language program.

After participating in this Study & Internship Program in Cuernavaca, students will gain unique cross-cultural professional experience, greatly improved foreign language abilities, personal and professional growth and confidence both nationally and internationally, and culturally sensitive yet sound communication skills.

Study Program
The study program consists of 30 group hours total per week for a minimum of 4 weeks.

The program combines 15 hrs/week of small group Spanish classes with an emphasis on oral skills plus 15 hours weekly of larger lecture style grammar classes, social science and humanities courses on Latin America and Hispano-America.

These Latin American Studies Courses are an integrated part of the language study curriculum. Participants will develop conversational fluency in the shortest time possible. Classrooms are maintained with no more than five students and a "Total Immersion" Spanish-only policy is maintained. The program is dedicated to meet the individual's needs, profession and Spanish proficiency level.

Internship Program
After the minimum 4 week study program, there is an 8 week minimum internship placement in a business or organization in one of the following fields:

-Medical Personnel
-Social Work
-Business and Economics
-Education (Not available during summer season)
-Hotel and Restaurant Management
-Mexican Criminal Justice
-Art (music, dance)
-Radio and Television Broadcasting
-Environmental Awareness
-Computer Science

**See descriptions of top choices below

Medical Personnel Internship
This internship provides a fieldwork experience in a Latin American health-care setting and serves as a means to help students in health-related fields to learn career skills and cross-cultural perspectives while functioning in Spanish.

Social Work Internship
This internship option provides the opportunity for supervised work within a Mexican public or private social agency in areas pertinent to the student's interests. It helps the students to understand ethnic and cross-cultural variables of a Latin-American environment and how those factors influence social work practice.

Business and Economics Internship
The supervised fieldwork in a Mexican business environment helps students in related fields to learn career skills and cross-cultural perspectives while functioning in Spanish. Students improve conversational skills and master the technical vocabulary in Spanish necessary for Business and Economics.

Internship in Education
This internship provides an opportunity for observation and teaching in selected public and private Mexican schools and colleges under the supervision of a classroom teacher and university supervisor. It allows participants to practice their craft in Spanish while achieving better understanding of culturally diverse students and families.

Please note: Internships in Education are not available during the months of June, July and August when local schools are not in session.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Internship
This internship option serves as a means for hotel & restaurant management students to achieve immediate ability to function in Spanish. It provides supervised experience in a Mexican hotel or restaurant environment. It also serves as a tool to review and improve conversational skills and to master the technical vocabulary in Spanish necessary for the student's career.

Mexican Criminal Justice Internship
This internship provides a fieldwork experience in a Mexican criminal justice setting and serves as a means to help students in related fields to learn career skills, vocabulary, and cross-cultural perspectives while functioning in Spanish. Student will learn the basic operations, history and sociology of a Mexican criminal justice agency, the Mexican criminal justice system, and Mexican criminal law.

Lodging Options
Classes are immensely enhanced by the Mexican host family program. The school's housing office has an extensive list of host families selected for the amenities they provide and their willingness to offer additional conversation practice to students. All host families are eager to welcome students into their homes, sharing with them the warmth of Mexican home life.

If students have an adventurous spirit with an interest in people and cultural growth, then living with a Mexican host family is the ideal way to live and learn Spanish in the most fulfilling ways possible.

The following Homestay options are available:

* Plan A - Standard Upgrade Homestay
Single room and shared bathroom in spacious homes with a garden and sometimes a pool. Three meals are included in the plan.

* Plan AA - Upscale Homestay
A private room and bath in spacious homes which usually have a garden, swimming pool, and other amenities. Three meals are included in the plan.

Academic Credit
Students who wish to earn credit for this program should speak with their academic adviser, prior to registering, to ensure the credits will transfer. One credit is earned per 15 class hours. A maximum of 3 credits can be earned (45 class hours).

The Internship Department and the student's work supervisor will evaluate each intern. Additionally, a written report is required at the end of the internship.

• You must enroll in a minimum of 4 weeks of Spanish classes while practicing your internship. The week before starting the internship, you will meet with the internship coordinator to discuss your background, to verify your ability to speak and understand Spanish, and to review possible placement options. Then you will interview with the organization selected in order to determine your schedule. There is no internship placement fee.

• You must be currently studying or working in the field in which you wish to have the internship (e.g., courses at the 300 level related to your career goals.)

• You must be at the high intermediate or advanced level of Spanish and be able to carry on a conversation (prerequisites: SPN 212 or equivalent.) If you are not at the level, you will need to take at least one week or more of remedial Spanish before beginning your internship.

• You will spend 9 to 16 hours per week at the internship location.

• You may receive 1 credit for every 15 hours of work, up to a maximum of 3 credits. If you wish credit, you should speak with an academic advisor or Study Abroad official at your home institution prior to registration to insure that the credits will transfer.

• The Internship Program Department and the student's supervisor in the workplace will evaluate each intern. In addition to a brief weekly report students must submit a final written report at the end of the internship period.

1.Submit a registration form to NRCSA
2.Submit your resume and cover letter to NRCSA
3.Be studying or working in your home country in the area you wish to intern.
4.Have an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish proficiency and have the capacity to sustain a fluid conversation in Spanish.

Student Obligations For The Internship Program:

• Punctually attend the interview appointment with the company or agency in which you will intern.

• After the first interview with the company or agency , inform the director of the Internship about the results of the interview and pick up the forms for the weekly report.

• Once you have accepted the conditions from the company, punctually carry out the schedule of specified activities.

• Turn in a weekly report to the internship office and be sure to communicate any problems, feelings, and concerns about the internship.

• During last week of the internship, request the FINAL STUDENT REPORT forms and the FINAL COMPANY REPORT forms from the Internship Office.

• On the last day of the internship, submit the completed student and company reports to the Internship Office to complete program requirements.

• Students are responsible for all transportation expenses to and from the internship site.

What's Included?
• Tuition
• Lodging
• Meals
• Cultural Programs
• Orientation (covering attractions, health safety,
• entertainment)
• Academic Assessment (placement/exit tests,
• certificate)
• International Emergency & Medical Insurance
• Access to Computer Lab and Internet
• Daily Transport from Homestay to School
• Arrival Transfer from Mexico City Airport

NRCSA | Intensive Spanish
Intensive Spanish Language Program 30 hrs/wk   Register  
  2009 Dates: All Adult Programs start any Monday in 2009.
  •   The school will be closed: January 1, February 5, March 21, April 9, May 1, September 16, November 20, 2008.

  2009 Fees: 6 weeks: $ 2,500
  8 weeks: $ 3,276
  12 weeks: $ 4,091
  Additional weeks: $ 318

Intensive Spanish Language offers the opportunity to experience an intensive study of Spanish, and Latin American culture for individuals whatever their interest or professional and educational career may be. The program consists of 15 hours weekly of small group Spanish classes with an emphasis on oral skills plus 15 hours weekly of larger lecture style grammar classes, social science and humanities courses on Latin America and Hispano-America.

Student travel insurance included:

$25,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation
$10,000 Accident/Sickness
$ 5,000 Emergency Reunion
$ 7,500 Repatriation
$ 5,000 General AD@D
$ 500 Baggage/Personal Effects
$100,000 Airline AD@D (If ticketed through NRCSA)
24 Hour Emergency Hotline - Call collect from anywhere

Students enrolled in the language program have the opportunity to participate in excursions and field trips organized by the school. These are usually half-day, one day, or two day trips scheduled during the week and on weekends. They include trips to archaeological and colonial sites, institutions such as hospitals or companies, colonial towns, and the beach. A faculty member serves as a guide to lead discussions and answer questions during these outings. The guided tour is usually conducted in Spanish. Excursions are optional and at additional cost.

Excursions offered include the following:

  • Mexico City: Museum of Anthropology and Ballet Folklórico; Colonial Mexico: Visit to museums, the University and the Market; "Walls of Fire" is the metaphor used for the Mexican muralist movement which can be seen in the Fine Arts Palace, the National Palace and Polyforum; Siqueiros.

  • Taxco: A visit to Mexico's well-known silver-mining town with its silver shops, plaza, cathedral, and its colonial sites.

  • Teotihuacán: The most important prehispanic city in North America with its two imposing pyramids.

  • Acapulco: Two nights and three days to the famous Mexican beach resort. Departing Friday at 2 pm, returning Sunday at 8 pm.

  • Puebla and Cholula: is the fifth largest city in México with a surprisingly cosmopolitan atmosphere. Much of Puebla´s wealth and architecture from the 19th century can still be seen today. The city was once the principal stopping point in route to Veracruz, Mexico´s principal port city. This trip includes a visit to Cholula, a prehispanic city famous for its 365 churches and the Gran Pirámide, the largest in México.

  • Museo de Dolores Olmedo and Xochimilco gardens are located in Mexico City: This colonial building museum holds the largest private art collection of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Xochimilco is tfamous for its colorful gardens and traditional boats (trajineras).

Additional Services:

- First Aid Center: Immediate medical attention is available without charge Monday - Friday ( 8 a ..m - 6 p.m. )

- Computer Lab: 4 computer lap in campus for the use of the students.

- Wireless Connection: Students can now bring their laptops and get connected for free on campus

- Money Exchange:For your convenience, in campus offers an exchange office on campus.

- Club Amigo:This is a Club created to promote a linguistic and cultural exchange between Mexican and foreign students. Such experiences provide you with the opportunity to have fun, visit places, share ideas and most importantly practice Spanish with native Speakers.

To register for the internship, please click

How to fill it out?

Part I. Write your name and personal information. We will send instruction package in the mail about the program and lodging.

Part II. Level in the language and hobbies

Part III. Write the type of lodging: Host family: (type A or AA)

Part IV. Institution: International University; Cuernavaca, Mexico and the dates for the program and lodging. Then, we have a box: Program Options: type of internship you would like to participate

Part V. Deposit: $100 USD (applied towards the cost of the program) and non-refundable registration fee of $40 USD per person, per program, payable to NRCSA (Total of $140 USD).

Part VI: Send your resume and cover letter to



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