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Sucre, Bolivia
Maceio, Brazil
San Jose, Costa Rica
Quito, Ecuador
2 Weeks Minimum
Quito, Ecuador
4 Weeks Minimum
La Ceiba, Honduras
Cuzco, Peru
2 Weeks Minimun
Cuzco, Peru
4 Weeks Minimum
Cuzco, Peru
12 Weeks Minimum

Bolivia Volunteer Program  

City Information

is the beautiful colonial judicial capital located in the Andean highlands of Bolivia. It is known as the "White City of the Americas" due to its numerous colonial buildings, all of which are painted in white and topped with shiny red tile roofs. Set in a valley surrounded by low mountains, Sucre is small (pop. 150,000) so that it is very easy to explore on foot. A university town, considered the center of learning and progressive thought within Bolivia, Sucre has many museums, a lively central plaza, shops and restaurants. The city has a youthful, energetic feel despite its old-fashioned look created by the numerous ancient mansions and colonial churches.

This charming colonial city and its nearby villages has a sizable Indigenous population who maintain their customs and colorful dress. Locals and visitors are attracted to the markets where food, textiles and other products are sold in barter fashion.

You could volunteer in

  √   Students will need to select 3 choices for the volunteer

  •   Health
  •   Social Services
  •   Orphanage
  •   Services for the Visual Impaired
  •   Teaching K12
  •   Natural Resources
  •   Children's Museum

The Program

This volunteer program is for people interested in learning about sustainable solutions to poverty. All volunteers will work in partnership with local people in a variety of community-based projects. This unique program offers exciting hands-on work opportunities, meaningful cultural immersion, and an enriching language program.

The Program includes includes 20 hours per week of Spanish classes. Maximum number of students per class is 5, with the average being 2 students. Groups are organized in a way that each will always consist of students possessing the same level of Spanish. At the conclusion of your studies, you will receive a certificate of completion. The method is based on the 4 language skills: listening, grammar, oral and written comprehension. No English will be used in class.

Classes are 55 minutes in length. Students may enroll for as many weeks as desired. In order to make sufficient progress and gain the maximum benefit from the course, the following program duration ranges are recommended: Beginner (4-12 weeks), Intermediate (2-12 weeks) and advanced (2-12 weeks). Courses lasting for more than 3 months will require a visa from the Bolivian government.

On the first Monday, students are given a city tour and information about the city, school, family life and culture. No formal Spanish classes take place the student's first Monday.

Classes are held 8:00-10:20, break 10:20-10:50, and resume 10:50-12:50. Sometimes in high season classes may take place in the afternoon too. Teachers are rotated every week.

The volunteer program includes:

• Group - 20 Hours per Week wih 2-5 Students per class.
• Homestay - Single Room with 2 meals daily.
• Arrival Transfer from Sucre airport
• Laundry service
• Placement Testing
• 1-2 Organized Activities Weekly*
• Access to E-mail
• Access to Multimedia Learning Center
• Certificate of Completion
• Pre-Departure Information
• Planning Guide
• Medical, Accident and Sickness ** Coverage
• Medivac Coverage
• Other Travel Coverage (repatriation, baggage, personal effects, accidental death and dismemberment , etc.)
• 24 Hour Emergency Multilingual Hotline (call collect from anywhere in the world)

* Entrance fees, transportation, etc. may be at additional cost.
** See policy for definitions and exclusions.


One of the most important components of your Spanish language and cultural experience in Bolivia is the homestay. Homestay accommodation includes two meals (breakfast and lunch), private room, bathroom, and laundry service once a week. Very few homes can provide a private bath for the student. Host families belong to Bolivia's middle class, although students should take note that living standards in Bolivia are much lower than Europe or North America. Family homes are located in neighborhoods usually nor more than a 20 to 30 minute walk to school. Participants choosing to stay with a family should recognize that a certain degree of flexibility will be required to adjust to the Bolivian customs and way of life.

The NRCSA Center

Our center invites you to study Spanish immersed in the unique culture of Bolivia. Located in the heart of Sucre in a quiet historic, colonial area, just a few blocks away from the city center. Our school offers a high quality program focusing on the four basic language skills: listening, grammar, oral and written comprehension.

To ensure complete Spanish language immersion, English is not permitted at any time in the classroom.

Classes are held in a 2 story building with seven classrooms, kitchen, a salon (for videos, etc.) a flat roof, nice roomy balcony, an interior patio, a small area to get a sun tan. Access to email is free at the school for students and there are several internet cafes around the school area. Capacity of the school is 40 students/day and participants are about 50% from Europe and 50% from North America. The age groups and occupations of their students vary widely, including university-aged students, professionals and independent travelers of all ages, as well as retirees.

Our schools' teachers have a University Degree in Spanish and have been carefully selected because of their qualifications and experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Some of them are Doctors or have Master Degrees in teaching Spanish and literature, history or Latinamerican culture.

Our school chooses the teachers for their enthusiasm, kindness and patience, but most of all for their love of teaching Spanish to foreign students. All of them know how to motivate, develop and support the student΄s curiosity and interest in the Spanish Language, Bolivian culture and social life.

They also know that the learning process continues outside the classroom. Our school is registered with and recognized by the Bolivian Ministry of Education.


Excursions,Cultural & Social Activities As part of the language program, the school offers 2 to 3 organized activities every week. In addition, students will find a daily schedule of cultural events in Sucre and surrounding areas, locations of theaters, museums, and festivals, and all ticket information.

Activities include: Visits to local areas of interest, dance classes, cooking classes, parties & fiestas, spanish languages videos & movies, seminars & discussion groups. Please Note: You may need to pay "out-of-pocket" expenses (bus fare, entrance fees, etc.)

Weekend trips are not organized by the school, but they can assist you with your arrangements on-site

Dates & Fees

NRCSA | Regular Program
Volunteer Program   Register  
  2010 Dates: Volunteer Program will start any Monday in 2010

  •   4 weeks Classes & volunteer
  4 weeks: $ 1,463
  •   2 weeks Classes & 4 weks volunteer
  6 weeks $ 1,399
  •   3 weeks Classes & 4 weks volunteer
  7 weeks $ 1,625
  •   4 weeks Classes & 4 weks volunteer
  8 weeks $ 2,075

  Additional week of Classes & Lodging $ 299
  Additional week of Lodging $ 194

The Volunteer Program is for people interested in learning about sustainable solutions to poverty. All volunteers will work in partnership with local people in a variety of community-based projects. This unique program offers exciting hands-on work opportunities, meaningful cultural immersion, and enriching language program.

HOW TO APPLY Send your registration with your resume and an introduction letter describing yourself, your background in the Spanish language, and the type of internship you are interested in/why you are qualified for that type of position.

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