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Sucre, Bolivia
Maceio, Brazil
San Jose, Costa Rica
Quito, Ecuador
2 Weeks Minimum
Quito, Ecuador
4 Weeks Minimum
La Ceiba, Honduras
Cuzco, Peru
2 Weeks Minimun
Cuzco, Peru
4 Weeks Minimum
Cuzco, Peru
12 Weeks Minimum

Volunteer Program in Quito, Ecuador  

City Information


the capital of Ecuador, has a population of approximately one and half million people. The city rises 2,850 meters (9,350 feet) above sea level, with an annual average temperature of 13C/55F. The dry season in Quito is May to October, and brief daily showers occur November through April. Nights are crisply cool, requiring a sweater or jacket, but the daytime temperatures, year round, rarely vary from the upper 60s to the low 70s F.

In addition to its gorgeous landscapes, surrounded by hills and several snowcapped volcanoes, Quito is well known for having a treasure of colonial buildings, paintings, sculptures and carvings. From Quito you can easily explore places such as the indigenous market in Otavalo, one of the largest on the continent. Another side trip might be to the hot springs gurgling from the base of a nearby volcano. Beaches are close, and the surf is great. Night life is very active, with salsa clubs and fine restaurants. The crime rate of Ecuador is lower than that of the United States. Quito is also a metropolitan city that offers almost unlimited opportunities for recreation, relaxation and learning.

You could volunteer in

  √   Students will need to select 3 choices for the volunteer

Social Organizations:

  •   Town Committe
  •   Hospital
  •   Female Inmate Counselor
  •   Home for Children
  •   Medical
  •   Children of Prisoners
  •   Down Syndrome Children
  •   Street Children
  •   Medical Clinic

Educational Institutions:

  •   Central University
  •   Escuela Mushac Pacari
  •   Colegio 24 De Mayo
  •   Student Services Coordinator
  •   Wall Street Institute School of English

Cultural Organizations:

  •   Sala De Artes Kingsman

The Program

The volunteer program is for people interested in learning about sustainable solutions to poverty. All volunteers will work in partnership with local people in a variety of community-based projects. This unique program offers exciting hands-on work opportunities, meaningful cultural immersion, and enriching language program.

The Program includes 20 hours per week of Group Spanish classes. Maximum number of students per class is 4, with the average being 2 students. Groups are organized in a way that each will always consist of students possessing the same level of Spanish. At the conclusion of your studies, you will receive a certificate of completion. The method is based on the 4 language skills: listening, grammar, oral and written comprehension. No English will be used in class.

Classes are 55 minutes in length. Students may enroll for as many weeks as desired. In order to make sufficient progress and gain the maximum benefit from the course, the following program duration ranges are recommended: Beginner (4-12 weeks), Intermediate (2-12 weeks) and advanced (2-12 weeks). Courses lasting for more than 3 months will require a visa from the Ecuadorian government.

On the first Monday, students are given a city tour and information about the city, school, family life and culture. No formal Spanish classes take place the student's first Monday.

Classes are held 8:00-10:20, break 10:20-10:50, and resume 10:50-12:50. Sometimes in high season classes may take place in the afternoon too. Teachers are rotated every week.

The volunteer program includes:

Group - 20 Hours per Week in Group of 2-5 Students per class.
Homestay - Single Room with 2 meals daily.
Arrival Transfer from Quito airport
Laundry service
Placement Testing
1-2 Organized Activities Weekly*
Access to E-mail
Access to Multimedia Learning Center
Certificate of Completion
Pre-Departure Information
Planning Guide
Medical, Accident and Sickness Coverage **
Medivac Coverage
Other Travel Coverage (repatriation, baggage, personal effects, accidental death and dismemberment , etc.)
24 Hour Emergency Multilingual Hotline (call collect from anywhere in the world)

* Entrance fees, transportation, etc. may be at additional cost.
** See policy for definitions and exclusions.


Homestays The students host family is a wonderful support network. When the details of daily living are out of the way it frees the mind to learn Spanish. They provide breakfast and dinner, and do laundry.

Some families have more than one bedroom for couples and parents with children. All students have a private bath. Most families live within walking distance.

The NRCSA center

One of the school's goals is to provide excellence in education with emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. To insure students' success, high quality teaching materials authored by school staff are provided.

Professors have university degrees with experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners. Their wide variety of expertise includes Economics, Business Administration, History, Marketing, Literature, etc.

A Certificate which is recognized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education is awarded for all students who complete their program. In Germany, our center is recognized as Bildungsurlaub with lessons of 25 hours or more per week by the Freie Und Hansestandt Hamburg, Hessen and Berlin.

Recently, the school has hosted students from United States (39%), Germany (30%), Switzerland (8%), Austria (7%), Canada (5%), Brazil (4%), England (2%), France (2%), Belgium (2%), Denmark (1%) Finland (0,16%), Norway (0,16%), Sweden (0,16%), Italy (0,16%), and Singapore (0,16%). These students have included business persons, university students, airline employees, teachers, retirees, ecologists, engineers, doctors, secretaries, travel agents, bankers, lawyers, and others.

Housed in a beautiful new mansion, the school is surrounded by gardens in quiet residential area. There is complementary e-mail service at the school for the students (no access to the internet). However, there are several reasonably priced internet cafes close to the school and all over the city. Mail service, money exchange, safety box, luggage storage, and use of sports facilities are also included.


Excursions, Cultural & Social Activities
As part of the program, students will have the opportunity to learn about the country, its history, and the people. In addition to lectures, the school offers trips to places of interest such as museums, and a night at the folkloric ballet. Students can participate in as many activities as they like.

Organized trips or group activities are offered 1- 4 times per week. These provide a great opportunity to find out about the country and its culture. Trips are also organized to exciting destinations such as the Galapagos Islands, Cotopaxi and the rainforest. Every trip offered has been tried and tested by the school staff and any feedback from students who have participated is always take into account and acted upon. The school maintains a well-equipped library with updated maps and travel guides, which the students are free to use at any time in order to organize their individual travels.

Activities vary from week to week. Here is an example of some of the excursions:

* Monument of the "Virgen de Quito" or "El Panecillo"
* Monument of "La Cima de la Libertad"
* Colonial churches and convents
* Visit to the Presidential Palace
* A guided visit to the fruit market
* Vivarium museum, exhibition of Latin-American reptiles
* Soccer game at the national tournament
* Mountain biking outside Quito
* Salsa and Merengue dance classes
* Cooking lessons (Ecuadorean dishes)
* Slide show about Galapagos Islands
* Lectures on history and culture
* Volleyball, soccer or basketball game between teachers and students

Dates and Fees

NRCSA | Regular Program
Volunteer Program   Register  
  2010 Dates: Volunteer Program will start any Monday in 2010.

  •   4 weeks Classes & volunteer
  4 weeks: $ 1,464
  •   2 weeks Classes & 4 weks volunteer
  6 weeks $ 1,325
  •   3 weeks Classes & 4 weks volunteer
  7 weeks $ 1,625
  •   4 weeks Classes & 4 weks volunteer
  8 weeks $ 2,075

  Add'l week of Classes & Lodging $ 299
  Add'l week of Lodging $ 195

The Volunteer Program is for people interested in learning about sustainable solutions to poverty. All volunteers will work in partnership with local people in a variety of community-based projects. This unique program offers exciting hands-on work opportunities, meaningful cultural immersion, and enriching language program.

HOW TO APPLY Send your registration with your resume and an introduction letter describing yourself, your background in the Spanish language, and the type of internship you are interested in/why you are qualified for that type of position.

Note: For Students in the beginner and elementary level, please contact NRCSA for more information.

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