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NRCSA Center: College de Cannes Cannes, France  

  • 1st Degree: Courses 110, 120, 121, 122, 130, 131, 132
    • Pure Beginner Level: Course 110
      • Students: No prior experience with the french language.
      • Objective: Obtain a basic knowledge of French in order to communicate during typical, everyday situations.
    • False Beginner Level: Courses 120, 121, 122
      • Students: Little experience in the language, lacking basic communication skills.
      • Objective: Come in contact with, understand, and employ the simple structures of French. Practical and progressive applications allowing for the development of a solid base, leading to an increasingly flexible language capacity.
    • Elementary Level: Courses 130, 131, 132
      • Students: Possess a basic knowledge of the language, yet inhibited by underdeveloped oral skills due to lack of practice.
      • Objective: Development of expressive skills in both the written and oral fields. Systematic revision of fundamental vocal and grammatical structures in order to best consolidate the students' linguistic capacities, through practical conversation.

  • 2nd Degree: Courses 210, 211, 212, 220, 221, 222, 230, 231, 232
    • Intermediate Level: Courses 210, 211, 212
      • Students: Have acquired the essential mechanisms of the current french language, yet still lack sufficient oral skills.
      • Objective: Develop a practical knowledge of French. Enrich the student's personal level of expression with regard to current issues, facilitating a more elaborate written capacity.
    • Advanced Intermediate Level: Courses 220, 221, 222
      • Students: Capable of handling with ease more complex subject matter, both written and oral.
      • Objective: Learn to employ with confidence the various resources of a language, developing further the oral and written realms of French.
    • Advanced Level: Courses 230, 231, 232
      • Students: Can handle the french language with relative ease.
      • Objective: Control and expand. Learn to coherently link ideas with ease in a complex sentence structure.

  • 3rd Degree: Course 310
    • Proficient Level
      • Students: Already possess an in-depth knowledge of the french language.
      • Objective: Sustain, perfect and refine the student's experience with French. In-depth study of the various linguistic registers. Maintain, perfect, and refine the student's knowledge of French through the development of a more precise and flexible vocabulary. A course based on a methodology drawing from the practice of specific techniques in language expression (summary, report, essay, analysis, etc.).


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