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The National Registration Center for Study Abroad (NRCSA)
Consortium of Foreign Study Abroad Centers Worldwide

Study abroad for a week ... or several months ... in any of over 42 countries. Study at a foreign Language school... or accredited university. Take a learning vacation ... or an accredited course. Learn a foreign language ... or take drama or humanities courses. Experience homestay living in another country ... or choose a hotel, shared or private apartment or pension. You'll find foreign centers flexible and accommodating.

All ages are welcome ... and new programs start weekly throughout the year. Last year, over 25,000 international visitors attended these schools - with great reviews.

Evaluates Foreign Language Immersion Centers and Universities around the world.

• Selects the best programs which extend a hospitable welcome to international visitors.

Encourages the learning of foreign languages intercultutal exchange and the understanding of other cultures.

Registers/Enrolls people of all ages who wish to attend one of the top rated foreign study programs around the world.

NRCSA's Mission Includes:

Stay Up-to-Date :

To get updated information about learning programs in a specific country, E-Mail your name, foreign language (or country) of interest, and occupation to We will add you to our E-Mailing list and periodically send updates for your region of interest.


Evaluating Foreign Programs:

NRCSA maintains a correspondent relationship with thousands of foreign schools - referred to us by government agencies, past students, or other sources.

Over the years, we have conducted on-site evaluations of thousands of their programs - reviewing their facilities, sitting in on classes and talking to administrators, students and teachers.


Selecting the "Best":

NRCSA attempts to select the "best" schools in a specific area which meet our guidelines. Currently, NRCSA works with schools in over 40 countries, maintaining current information about their programs, dates, fees, lodging options etc., and register people interested in attending their programs.

In selecting a school, we may not approve all programs offered by that school. If a school offers 5 programs of which only 3 meet our guidelines, NRCSA information will only cover the 3 approved programs, i.e., NRCSA information about a school may not include all options offered in the school brochure if all programs don't consistly offer the quality we are looking for.

NRCSA encourages all students attending foreign programs to send us post-study evaluations. If students send poor evaluations for a particular school, that school loses it status with NRCSA and is placed on probation (i.e. NRCSA no longer refers students... and works with the foreign school to address problems) and subsequently dropped from the NRCSA consortium if problems are not adequetely addressed.


Encourage Intercultural Exchange:

NRCSA encourages participation in cultural and foreign language programs as a means to improve intercultural understanding - both within and between countries. We are happy to provide program information to interested individuals, as well as schools, employers, media, libraries, and others.

It is heartening that more employers are extending tuition reimbursement options for cultural diversity and intercultural study programs for employees - and universities are frequently accepting transfer credit for such programs. Your suggestions on how we can better facilitate information about intercultural programs will be appreciated.


Registers Students for NRCSA Schools:

Register for any of these programs through NRCSA. NRCSA registration services give you the better foreign schools around the world, a higher degree of program predictability and conveniences such as:

  •   Use of one simplified PreRegistration Form for schools in over 40 countries.
  •   Charging the school deposit to your credit card if you choose.
  •   Confirmations within 3 working days in most cases.
  •   Coordinated registration for multiple schools (if you attend 2 programs on the same trip).


Just the Facts:

Over 300 US universities have formal programs with foreign schools in the NRCSA Consortium. Most focus on foreign language immersion training and area studies. Others specialize in business, education, art, etc.

Teachers from over 1,000 school districts have attended NRCSA member institutions abroad over the past years to pursue graduate credit, in-service credit or simply to expand their professional competence.

Working adults, retirees and professionals constitute a majority at many schools affiliated with NRCSA. Most pursue vocational or avocational interests abroad. Foreign short courses frequently combine lectures with fieldtrips or cultural events providing an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience.
The Wisconsin Department of Public instruction has reviewed and approved programs offered by most NRCSA Centers Abroad for ECU (equivalency clock hours). Hundreds of US colleges have awarded credit to their students who have attended these schools.

The most significant approval, however, has been from the hundreds of thousands who have attended schools in the NRCSA Consortium over the past 37 years.

NRCSA Member Institutions use their local resources and contacts to make your international experience truly unique, be it for middle, secondary, college or adult programs. They welcome individual students as well as arrange special programs for groups.

You can preregister in this country to minimize surprises and delays abroad -- and do so at excellent institutions with high standards. Simply complete the Preregistration Form. For more information about programs available through NRCSA and other intercultural divisions of Mibar Ltd., contact the National Registration Center for Study Abroad, 207 E. Buffalo St., Suite 610, PO. Box 1393, Milwaukee, Wl 53201 USA. Tel: (414) 278-0631; Fax: (414)271-8884.


NRCSA is a proud member of:

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World Trade Centers Association


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Stay Up-to-Date
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