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Arts and Crafts
Get Creative in a foreign land! NRCSA offers programs that include artistic and creative courses all over the world.

Best Budget Programs
Best Rated for value and price for 2011. Taking a language study abroad program doesn't have to break the bank. For those who would like to participate in a program but need to do it on a budget, NRCSA offers many high quality language learning programs at reasonable prices.

Top Rated Programs especially for members of clergy interested in various areas of study all over the world.

Executives & Professionals
Working adults enrolled in virtually all NRCSA Consortium schools in 2011. They came from business, government, farms, law firms, media, social service agencies etc. Most took regular foreign immersion language classes. Some chose more intensive executive programs combining group and one-on-one classes or only - see schools marked “E”. Some favored schools with “meet-your-peer” options enabling them to meet local people working in their field - see schools marked “P”. For schools with multiple city locations, the most popular location among working adults in bold.

Law Enforcement
Top Rated programs for Police, Lawyer, Forensic Science and other areas of Law Enforcement.

Medical professionals have enrolled in virtually all NRCSA Consortium schools in 2011. About half studied at regular language immersion schools, while the others attended programs offering special vocabulary or experiential programs related to the medical field.

Take the whole family abroad. NRCSA offers programs that include activities for all ages and accomodations for families.

Mature Adults
Best Rated by mature adults who studied abroad through NRCSA last year. One in six people who registered through NRCSA to study abroad in 2011 was over age 50. Most attended programs for ‘all age adults’ - generally favoring schools with a combined language-culture format. Some took classes exclusively for mature adults. Top choice schools include features noted by past students.

Social Workers
NRCSA offers foreign language plus experiential programs specifically geared to adults working or studying within the social work field.

Teachers enrolled in virtually all NRCSA Consortium schools in 2011 and most selected one of the schools listed below. These 'Top Choice' rated schools were rated by both language and non-language teachers. About half of the teachers attending NRCSA schools have applied for and earned University credit or ECH units.

Top Rated programs for Teens who studied through NRCSA. Teens learn about another language and culture, meet peers from around the world, and make lifelong international friendships.

University Students
University students enrolled in virtually all NRCSA Consortium schools in 2011 and about half applied for and earned University credit for their study abroad program. University students rated NRCSA schools in three main categories: Most Popular Overall, Best for Credit Transfer, and Best Language Plus.

People of all ages have taken foreign language plus experiential programs through NRCSA. These include volunteer and internship programs. While the primary focus of the schools is to teach the language of their country, some network with community resources to offer adjunct programs so students more fully experience the culture.


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