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The NRCSA Advantage  

Facilitating international education, multilingualism, and intercultural exchange since 1968. Our goal at NRCSA has always been to help facilitate intercultural communication and exchange between people from different backgrounds and cultures. The study of language and culture - and the understanding of how both transcend borders - is a crucial element in accomplishing this goal.

Since 1968, we have travelled the globe to help find, promote, develop and encourage organizations which welcome foreigners and open up their own culture and language for others to experience. Today, we work with programs in 43 countries which offer language/culture study, volunteer and internship programs for K-12, university, teachers/professors, professional development, and third age.

Why NRCSA? Our trained, international and multilingual staff know first hand all of the schools represented in the NRCSA consortium and are a third party source to help those interested in finding the program best suited to their needs. For those students studying through NRCSA, comprehensive travel insurance is included at no additional cost for pre-registered study dates. We are available to help students before, during, and after their trip in case of problems, questions, or advice. We can also help facilitate a smooth transition for study in multiple locations on the same trip for those who wish to spend time in different cities or countries.

All pre-departure materials come from NRCSA in the USA and all payments are made in US dollars. There are no foreign wire transfer fees, no foreign telephone bills. We have done the research on the schools for you and our multilingual staff can coordinate all requests and arrangements with foreign schools in regards to housing requests or problems. Credit cards can be used for the deposit (which is applied towards the cost of the program) and registration forms are available on-line (encrypted/secured site) at under TO REGISTER.

Students who register with NRCSA pay a 'lifetime registration fee' of $40 USD. We work with our alumni to help find new programs of interest and to keep costs as low as possible - and many alumni have become an integral part of our worldwide investigation team over the years.

Because we send thousands of students abroad each year - and our relationships with our member schools go back in some cases as much as 30+ years - if there are problems while abroad we are often in a better position to help our students than students attending a school on their own.

Why NRCSA? Why not! The NRCSA Advantage means having the best of the best at your fingertips - we help you to choose the right school, at the right price and be prepared for your experience every step of the way, from predeparture to re-entry. Live the language, learn the culture - explore the world with NRCSA!


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