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NRCSA Terms & Conditions  

REGISTRATION FEE: There is a one-time registration fee of $40 USD per person.

CHANGE FEES of at least $35 apply for each change you make and some "changes" may result in cancellation fees.

CANCELLATIONS are effective the day received in writing by NRCSA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. All Payments, less $140 per program, are refundable up to 60 days prior to departure. For cancellations within 60 days of departure, 50% of program cost or $300 per person (whichever is greater); within 14 days of departure, 100% of program cost is non refundable. Some cancellations may incur additional fees (including, but not limited to, cancellation penalties assessed by the local institutions). Airline cancellation penalties, if any, are in addition to those outlined above. Cancellation penalties are per person, per program. Medical, baggage (above that included) and cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. Attach a note if you have a medical condition or Rx which the school/center should know about.

CONDITIONS: Each institution listed herein is independent of the National Registration Center for Study Abroad (hereinafter referred to as NRCSA), controls, and will periodically make changes in the program. Classes may fill, be changed, or dropped by the sponsoring academic institutions. NRCSA is a division of Mibar Ltd. and not responsible for these changes or other actions beyond its control such as strikes, postal delays or loss, mechanical breakdowns, weather, government actions, delay or acts/omissions of suppliers. NRCSA may make changes or substitutions or cancel any program. In the event of entire program cancellation by NRCSA, liability is limited to refunding the amount of the unused portion of their program paid to NRCSA. Passengers electing not to use portions of a program shall not be entitled to a refund. No agent or representative of NRCSA shall have the right to alter the provisions listed herein. Costs based on tariffs and exchange rates effective the date of printing of this material, and are subject to change. Additional costs resulting from such change will be paid by the participant. Registrations are valid when accepted by NRCSA in Milwaukee. Any ARC or IATA airline may be used. Airlines are not responsible for acts, omission or event when you are not on board the aircraft. The passage contract used by the airline, when issued is the sole agreement between it and you. Photographs of or statements by participants may be used by NRCSA. NRCSA, group leaders or foreign coordinators, at their discretion, may get medical assistance for participants, or place them in a hospital, or fly them back to the U.S. for medical treatment. All costs related to medical treatment or evacuation will be paid by the participant. As visitors you are expected to adhere to foreign rules and customs. If the foreign staff feels you are not adhering to these rules and customs, your participation in the program shall terminate immediately without refund whatsoever. Chargebacks, returned checks, or other returned debts will be given to a debt collection agency when warranted.

For your convince, paper checks will be converted into ACH debits and processed electronically. ACH debits will appear on your banking statement as Mibar Ltd.

All prices listed on the NRCSA website are cash based prices. For credit payments over $500 a $35 per $1,000 discount is removed from the total cost.

INFORMATION USE: Information provided to NRCSA will be shared with participating organizations to facilitate your registration.

NOTE: Classes canceled in honor of local holidays are not made up. Foreign Language schools use placement tests. If there is no group at your level, tutorial classes may be substituted with fewer hours per week.

Minors: Both parent or legal guardian and student signatures are needed.


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