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Activities & Excursions - Fukuoka, Japan  


Activities & Excursions

Cultural Activities and Excursions

Generally, 2-4 extra-curricular activities are held per week.

Example cultural activities:

* Trip to local "onsen" hot springs 700 yen
* Aso Mountain overnight trip (includes transport, accommodation, entry to hot springs, making
noodles, and Japanese-style BBQ) 10,000 yen
* Nagasaki tour day trip 6,000 yen
* Movie night - big-screen movies at the school 200 yen
* Japanese game night - learn traditional games such as hanafuda free
* Wii Sports night free
* Beach barbecue 3000 yen
* Floating restaurant where you catch your own fish ~3,500 yen
* Street stall dining (a local specialty) ~2,000 yen
* Goukon (Japanese dating party) ~3,000 yen
* Karaoke competition ~1,500 yen
* Indoor snowboarding 3,000 yen
* Asahi beer factory tour 500 yen
* Japanese Tea ceremony experience class 2,000 yen
* Calligraphy class for beginners 2,000 yen
* Making soba (Japanese noodles) 1,500 yen
* Kimono fittings 1,000 yen
* Visit to a manga art school, to see the process by which new manga are created. (free)
* Cherry-blossom viewing party, with food and drink 1000 yen

Fukuoka Attractions
* Dazaifu, the oldest Tenmangu shrine in Japan, and a beautiful way to spend a day or two
* Sky Dream Fukuoka, the second largest ferris wheel in the world
* Canal City, a huge and extravagantly styled shopping center
* Yahoo Dome, the local baseball arena, with an amazing teractable roof
* Yatai, streetside stall restaurants. Fukuoka is famous for the quality and variety of these portable restaurants.
* Fukuoka Tower, the tallest tower in Western Japan
* Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, a giant aquarium, park, funfair and pool jamboree

Famous Fukuokans
* Ayumi Hamasaki
* Tamori
* Spitz (the band)
* Shina Ringo
* Maki Sebiho (actress)
* Chage and Asuka
* Shina and the Rockets
* Ryoko Tamura (Olympic judo champion)
* The Flying Elephants
* Misia
* Kaba-chan
* Cunning (comedy duo)
* Hiroshi
* Hikawa Kiyoshi


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