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Program & Admission Information - Zagreb, Croatia  


The Programs

Our courses will help you to develop your Croatian language skills. Our small group classes allow better attention to be paid to each individual student. By the end of the course you will be able to:

• Use Croatian more effectively and with greater confidence
• Speak more accurately and fluently
• Use a wider vocabulary
• Socialize more confidently
• Understand what you read and hear more easily

Group Course
• Lessons per module: 60 ( 45 group lessons + 15 hours of socio-cultural activities)
• Intensity: Five times a week, 3 lessons each day (in the morning)
• Lesson duration: 45 minutes
• Group size: 6 - 9
• New groups start every two months
• Course suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced
• Daily homework included
• Option to combine with an Individual Croatian course
• Croatian Language level certificate upon the completion of the course

The course focuses on learning general Croatian language skills:
• Develop communication strategies
• Take part in discussions
• Develop and use vocabulary
• Improve listening skills
• Role play social situations
• Work on individual grammar and pronunciation difficulties
• Develop reading and writing skills

The socio-cultural activities aim to give you the chance to meet new people and explore life in Croatia in detail.

Private Course - One-to-One Lessons
The personal attention which comes from one-on-one approach makes Individual Croatian courses ideally suited for people who:
- Have limited time available to study Croatian and need to focus on personal learning objectives
- Want to focus their learning on a specialized subject area such as business Croatian, marketing or tourism
- Are preparing to take Croatian language proficiency test, for legal, studying or other purposes
- Would like assistance preparing for business presentations, negotiations or meetings, or to develop key skills such as telephoning,business correspondence and report writing
- Want to improve their confidence in using their Croatian language skills

Individual courses features:
- Starts at any time during the whole year
- Course suitable for all levels from beginner to proficiency
- Daily homework optional
- End of course certificate

Courses content:
Your Individual Croatian courses include a detailed needs analysis and a learning style analysis leading to a carefully tailored study program. This ensures that you and your teachers maintain complete focus on your learning objectives and needs.

Homestudy Program
Complete Immersion Homestudy student programs are monitored through resident regional organizers. These regional organizers gauge the progress of each student and are on call to solve any personal problems that any students might have. If for any reason the student wishes to change the teaching family no reasons need be given.

It is sufficient to say 'I do not feel comfortable' or ' I do not feel happy'. In this way, the family will be swiftly changed with no embarrassment on either side, as all teachers know that sometimes there can be a clash of personalities through no fault of either student or teacher.

The program is designed to combine grammar with conversation, reading and writing practice. The teaching methodology is fun, self-paced and ideally requires four to six weeks for students to develop basic communication skills.

Students are assessed and receive instruction at their appropriate level. Depending on the student's ability they will spend class time in any of the following activities:

• Grammar
• Pronunciation and discussion
• Reading and writing skills
• Listening and comprehension
• Cultural awareness

Students often combine classes in the study city with independent weekend field trips to small towns where the target language is primarily spoken. The local school staff is happy to provide students with information to facilitate these visits.


Admissions & Academic Credit

All interested adults who have completed high school or equivalency, and are age 18 or older are welcome to participate in the program.



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