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Lodging & Arrival Information - Olinda, Brazil  




Hospitality is one of the primary characteristics that defines the Brazilian people, and we strive for you to feel like you are at home during your stay in Brazil. We recommend students take advantage of staying in a homestay, learning the language, getting to know the culture, and having a complete experience.
 It is very important that students learn not only the language, but also how Brazilians behave, our habits, our food, and our way of life.

The most popular choice for students is the homestay. For many of our students, their homestay is one of the most rewarding experiences. We believe that to stay in a family home is the best choice for our students as they can speak Portuguese every day.

Our Brazilian host families are exceptionally warm and generous. They love sharing their homes, language and culture with our students. Families who host students from our school strive to provide a rich immersion experience in both language and daily Brazilian life. In addition, the families prepare regional food and introduce them to our culture and habits.

Home-stay accommodation with a Brazilian family is generally the least expensive way of arranging a long-term stay in Olinda. Most homes are in the suburbs and all homestay families live within a reasonable distance from the school. Accommodations are clean, comfortable and welcoming. If you choose to stay with a family, you can generally expect your own room, hot water, often wireless 
Internet, copy of the house key, a closet, a table, hot shower and fan. Most homestays are air-conditioned. Depending on the meal plan, students will be provided with two or three meals per day, including breakfast and dinner. Meals are also provided on weekends. Laundering of sheets and towels is done once a week.

Homestays with Brazilian families are arranged by the local coordinator. Host families are carefully selected to ensure that all homes are safe, secure and clean. The school carefully inspects all homes, and admits only families of good reputation to their accommodation service. The homestay coordinators supervise homestay families on a regular basis. They prepare families to receive strangers in their homes through workshops. We also apply our own questionnaire, interviews and criteria. The family must be open and receptive. On the first day of the student’s classes, the family takes him/her to the school.

Please be sure to specify on the registration form any specific preferences you may have, such as dietary requirements, health concerns (i.e. allergies), etc. The homestay coordinator can make any necessary changes in your lodging arrangements if necessary.

Please note: There is usually a high demand for family accommodation, so homestay requests are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Hotels or Hostels in Olinda
Students studying in Olinda for a short period of time may stay in a hotel or hostel close to the school, options which are available upon request at an additional cost. Hostel accommodation can sometimes be arranged if you book well in advance. Reservations must be made at least two to three months in advance and booked in four-week terms.

Hotel accommodation is also an option but you must be over 18 to stay in a hotel in Olinda if you are not accompanied by your parents. For more information, please feel free to contact us for details about current hostel services and charges, or for an up-to-date list of different hotels located near the school.

Lodging information is sent 7 - 14 days prior to departure. Information of where to go and how to get there will be sent to students prior to departure. In addition, NRCSA will send emergency contact in case of any problem.


Arrival Information

Upon Arrival in Brazil

     •A passport which is valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arrival in Brazil
     •A return airline ticket (or onward airline ticket) with a departure date within 30 days of arrival in Brazil

If you are applying from overseas, we can help to arrange your airport transfer.
   1) If you requested an airport transfer:
You will have a separate instruction sheet in your final packet with the name and telephone number of your driver and the location to meet the driver.
   2) If you did not request an airport transfer:
You will need to take a taxi to your homestay. Please make sure you let NRCSA or your host family know your approximate arrival time in advance so Olinda Portuguese Language School will know when they should expect to meet you.

*Please note: If there are any issues regarding the transfer, please contact the home-stay family, hostel or hotel.


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