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Tuition Reimbursement
Financial Aid

Financial Aid & Offsets  


University Based Aid

If you qualify for financial aid at your home university, you may be able to apply some of those funds to a study abroad program. This will vary depending on the source of your financial aid, and in all cases, will be subject to requirements of your university financial aid officer. When applicable, it normally requires an Ad Hoc Consortium Agreement between your home university and the foreign school. You must be a student in good standing, enrolled in a degree oriented program, and taking courses abroad which count towards a degree while you are a transient student at a foreign school. Discuss this with your financial aid advisor at your home institution to determine if you are eligible.


Non-University Based Aid

While more difficult to locate, there are also many non-university funding sources for study abroad including federal and state agencies, foundations, corporations, associations, religious groups, volunteer agencies, and interest groups.


Tax Deductibility

The US IRS Code has specific guidelines on deductions for educational purposes and these extend to courses taken abroad. Generally, eligibility requires that you're enrolled in a formal study program relevant to your career or employment. It must maintain or improve skills required to do your present work or be required by your employer. Check with a local lRS office. You may also want to inquire about business related travel guidelines which are different from those pertaining to education. Deductibility may be allowed for transportation, lodging and meals as well as tuition and may be combined, i.e. part of your trip qualifying for education and part for business. See lRS Publications 508 and 2106. Both can be ordered toll free within the USA by calling 1 800-TAX FORM. Questions? Call the lRS at 1-800-TAX-1040.

Some past participants have advised us that they have also qualified for career retraining funds (government and corporate), particularly in states where there are numerous positions available which require bilingual skills. Please note, the foreign schools are not a source of financial assistance. When they have funds available, it is earmarked for nationals of their country. In most foreign countries it is not possible to get a job legally without "working papers," which are difficult to obtain. Some students network privately to do some ESL teaching in exchange for partial room and board, but this is not advisable. lt is usually illegal and unpredictable.

University Based
Non-Univ. Based
Tax Deductibility

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