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Tuition Reimbursement
Financial Aid

Tuition Reimbursement  

Each year thousands of employees receive tuition reimbursement for short term study abroad. Most take compact foreign language immersion courses or intercultural sensitivity training. Participants are from all walks: corporations; farms and small businesses; federal, state and local government; medical, cultural and social service agencies; associations; educational, religious and international organizations.


Tuition Reimbursement

Most larger employers (and many smaller employers) have a tuition reimbursement plan. Generally, these cover tuition and books (not lodging, meals or transportation) and require that courses contribute toward your effectiveness in accomplishing functions related to your job. ln our culturally diverse world, many, if not most jobs, can be improved through cultural sensitivity training inherent in most structured foreign study programs. Foreign language acquisition, cataloging of international resources, and networking with peers abroad also frequently contribute toward improving employment related skills. Most tuition reimbursement programs require employer approval. Check with your supervisor, employee relations or human relations department.

Enhancing Communication Skills
With increased immigration and global interdependence, communication skills and cultural sensitivity have taken on new importance. Demographic studies project a progressively larger percentage of the US internal market and labor force speaking English as a second language. Subsidiaries of US companies abroad, and foreign companies in the US, continue to increase. In the coming years, the need for employees with greater intercultural communication skills will increase in virtually every sector of our country.

Tuition Reimbursement at Your Organization
Employers gain by enhancing the communication skills of their work force at minimal cost. Most employees study abroad for 1-4 weeks during their vacations - and the tuition to study abroad is cost effective (average $150 - $300/week, depending on country). Two weeks of foreign language study typically provides 40 hours of class plus hundreds of hours to practice the language with native speakers in everyday, real-life situations.

Employees gain by enhancing their personal development
They acquiring greater communication and intercultural skills, deriving a partial reimbursement for foreign travel experience, and in many cases, accruing preferential tax treatment for out-of-pocket travel related expenses.



For a partial list of businesses, government agencies, school districts and universities which have provided tuition reimbursement for employees taking programs through NRCSA, see the lists under Student Reviews on the web site or contact the National Registration Center for Study Abroad by e-mail at

Enhancing Your Skills
Employees Gain

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