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Program & Admission Information - Quito, Ecuador  



The program is designed to combine grammar with conversation, reading and writing practice. Furthermore, the school's books and teaching material will introduce students to the history, geography and culture of Ecuador.

The teaching methodology is fun, self-paced and ideally requires four to six weeks for students to develop basic communication skills. If the student has studied Spanish before he/she will start with an examination (written and oral) to evaluate at which level to commence study.

The focus is on spoken Spanish and is organized into seven levels with the vocabulary of about 500 new words in each one. Approximately 45 hours are needed for each level and students are evaluated at the conclusion of every segment. Books are provided by the school, and teachers are rotated weekly to give students maximum exposure to a variety of spoken accents.

Students are assessed and receive instruction at their appropriate level. Depending on the student's ability they will spend class time in any of the following activities:

  •   Grammar
  •   Pronunciation and discussion
  •   Reading and writing skills
  •   Listening and comprehension
  •   Cultural awareness
The exclusive use of Spanish is absolutely obligatory for all students at all times and class attendance is compulsory.

Private Classes 20, 25, or 35 hours per week. The Tutor Program is held for 4 or 7 hours daily and consists of individual instruction with well-qualified teachers. It is ideal for those who want to be totally immersed and to learn faster in less time. This is the program that most students prefer. The students schedule is from 08.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30(1:30PM) to 16.30(4:30PM).

Activa Spanish Program Tutor 35 hours per week: 20 Spanish + 15 Fieldtrips. The Activa Program is for students who wish to combine learning classroom Spanish and experiencing the flavorful culture of Quito. The morning hours each weekday are allocated to intensive classroom instruction. The student and professor then spend the rest of the afternoon exploring sites in or near Quito such as: the city, museums, cathedrals and markets. This program is designed to equip a student with Spanish and allows her or him to integrate that knowledge with day to day cultural experiences.

One on one classes, emphasizing grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, discussion and background information needed for a good understanding of the cultural activities organized for the afternoon, are offered in the morning from 8.30 to 12.30.

The student and teacher then embark on their daily trips from 13.30(1:30PM) to 16.30(4:30PM). On these visits the teacher acts as a guide. All entrance fees to museums, art galleries, beverages/snacks (afternoon) and public transportation necessary for all excursions are included in the program cost.

Volunteer Program is for people interested in learning about sustainable solutions to poverty. All volunteers will work in partnership with local people in a variety of community-based projects. This unique program offers exciting hands-on work opportunities, meaningful cultural immersion, and enriching language program.

For details on the volunteer opportunities available, please click here.


Admissions & Academic Credit

Students desiring credit for their study programs should contact their home school or request the NRCSA Credit Fact Sheet. Generally, U.S. universities consider 15 hours of study to be equal to 1 semester credit.

The school has arranged study programs for some U.S. colleges for which 3 to 15 undergraduate or graduate credits have been granted. This credit plan is available for college students and elementary and high school teachers. The number of credits granted is determined by the length of stay and number of the classroom hours. Be sure to arrange the NRCSA Credit Option at least 60 days prior to your date of departure.

For those students who have arranged with their home college or university to receive credits for Spanish study abroad, a letter will be issued stating dates of study, hours completed, progress and level of achievement. If requesting credit from your home school, check with your school for their specific rules governing transfer of credit prior to registering. You will need to advise the foreign school administrators upon arrival of your credit transfer needs.

For more information about academic credit in Spanish speaking countries, please click here.
For general information on academic credit, please click here.



All students receive from the school a transcript which records their final mark in the course. The school provides a full description of each course and certificate indicating a student's satisfactory progress.

Excursions may be chosen by the student and include but are not limited to:

• Museo Etnográfico
• Congreso Nacional
• El Planetario: Función Astronómica documentada
• Monumento de Orellana
• Iglesias y Conventos del Casco Colonial
• Museo de Arte Colonial. Calderón Turístico
• Museo Arqueológico y del Oro del Banco Central
• Mercados Indigenas locales y ferias libres (por la mañana)
• Basílica del voto nacional
• Feria Indigena de Saquisili
• Feria Indigena de Sangolqui
• Balneario de aguas termales Papallacta
• Museo Religioso Colonial "Aurelio Espinoza Poli"
• Museo de Arte moderno y religioso de Filanbanco
• Museo de Ciencias Naturales en el Parque Carolina

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