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Cultural Workshops - Oaxaca, Mexico  

Monday through Thursday, students participate in afternoon cultural workshops. The workshops are taught in Spanish by local artisans and professionals and provide students with a more in-depth understanding of the richness of Mexican culture. The workshops provide the opportunity to apply the knowledge students acquire in morning language classes in an informal setting while discovering more about Mexican history, art, and culture.

The workshops include:
Conversation: Students have the opportunity to put to work their Spanish conversation skills in small groups. The students are led by one of the school's teachers, and classes are largely based on student-generated themes and real-life situations, such as ordering in restaurants, getting around town, etc. In this way, students will gain more practical knowledge of the language and will feel more confident as they speak Spanish in the "real world". This workshop is the ideal place to practice and enhance Spanish conversation skills.

Regional Cooking: The state of Oaxaca is famous for the richest cuisine in all of Mexico. In this workshop, students will discuss some of the delicacies unique to Oaxaca. The week starts with a trip to the market to experience the Mexican style of grocery shopping. Students will have the opportunity to cook daily and will have the pleasure of eating what they have cooked. Regional dishes that students will learn about and cook include memelas, atole, chilaquiles, arroz con leche, entomatadas and Oaxaca's famous mole sauce made of an amazing variety of ingredients including chocolate and spices.

  •   Weaving: The art of weaving has existed for centuries in the valleys of Oaxaca due to the natural resources found there that allow its production. Students learn to weave on traditional back-strap looms and will take home their final product of a colorful piece of art. They learn about different traditional designs that have been used by Oaxacan's indigenous population for centuries. This workshop will give you a greater appreciation for the art that you find in the city's markets.

Ceramics: This workshop provides students the opportunity to learn about and create an ancient Mexican art form. Pottery has been a highly sophisticated art form in Oaxaca since prehispanic times, and students will make their own pieces of pottery while learning firsthand about the lifestyle of local traditional artisans. The workshop is based on the traditional green-glazed pottery from the village of Atzompa.

Dance: A folkloric dance workshop is offered in the summer. This workshop provides students with an understanding of some ethnic groups of Oaxaca through the teaching of traditional dances maintained throughout history. A salsa and merengue dance class is offered year-round. This is the perfect workshop for fans of the rhythm of salsa music. Students will learn and practice various dance steps that they can later show off at the various salsa dance bars around Oaxaca.

Salsa & Merengue: This is the perfect workshop for fans of the rhythm of salsa music. Students learn and practice various dance steps they can later show off at the various salsa dance bars around Oaxaca.

  •   Cinema: Within the many historic periods of Mexican cinema, extremely high quality films have been produced which allow students to experience Mexican society through movies. This workshop gives students an opportunity to practice their listening comprehension skills during the viewing of the film, while improving their vocabulary and conversation through post-film discussions.

  •   Music: This workshop explores the development of Mexican music from prehispanic times through different stages of history. Students listen to music from different regions of the republic and discuss the lyrics, themes, and importance of the songs. Through music, students will learn more about the Mexican culture, history and religion while discussing the significance of this form of expression to Mexico's people.
History of Education in Mexico: This workshop is designed for teachers and others interested in learning about the history and development of the educational system in Mexico. Students gain an appreciation of the important role of teachers in Mexican society.

History of Mexico: Students explore a panoramic vision of the history of Mexico, beginning with national symbols and later arriving at important contemporary issues. This workshop provides a forum for discussion and the opportunity to learn and share views related to these issues.


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