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NRCSA Center: Taipei Language Institute - Taipei - Taiwan  


About the NRCSA Center

NRCSA provides foreign language and culture training to students from all over the globe. Interactive tutor and semi-tutor classes provide a balance of conversation, comprehension, grammar and reading and writing instruction. Cultural themes are integrated into conversation exercises, assigned readings and recommended independent activities.

Institute was established in Sept. 1987 and received full accreditation in May 1989. We use the most modern techniques to effectively teach all levels of Mandarin conversation and written Chinese to non-native speakers


Taipei - Taiwan


in 1949, 2 million Nationalists fled to Taiwan and established a government using the 1946 constitution drawn up for all of China. Over the next five decades, the ruling authorities gradually democratized and incorporated the local population within the governing structure. In 2000, Taiwan underwent its first peaceful transfer of power from the Nationalist to the Democratic Progressive Party. Throughout this period, the island prospered and became one of East Asia's economic "Tigers." The dominant political issues continue to be the relationship between Taiwan and China - specifically the question of Taiwan's eventual status - as well as domestic political and economic reform.

Taipei is located close to the island's north coast, with two rivers running through it and surrounded by mountains. Its nearly 3 million inhabitants are squeezed into what is essentially a basin, and the city has had to contend with traffic issues, air pollution, and other ramifications of a congested urban setting.

Taipei may be the country's 21st-century business heart, but it's also a place where traditional outdoor markets thrive, particularly the popular night markets -- street festivals with food stands, flea-market finds, and carnival-like attractions -- and colorful weekend markets selling goods like jade and flowers. Just outside Taipei is the National Palace Museum, the world's premier collection of Asian antiquities and once the private imperial collection, housed in Beijing's Forbidden City for 500 years.


No maximum age. Minimum age is 18 (often waived if accompanied by an adult).
Medical: school refers students if needed (medical costs additional).


Foreign language classes taught entirely in the foreign language (immersion method).
All levels are welcome (beginner to advanced)
Tutor is one-on-one (private teacher). Shared tutor is teacher with 2-3 students
Texts and materials are over $15 per level.
Class-hour is 45-50 minutes (Most universities use a 50 minute hour).

Lodging & Meals

Accommodation address sent 7-14 days prior to start of session.
Lodging ends day after last day of class. Begins the day prior to start of class.

Cultural Program & Activities

Cultural and enrichment activities at additional cost.


--- for study dates prepaid through NRCSA
24 Hour Emergency Multilingual Hotline (call collect from anywhere in the world)
$25,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation
$10,000 Accident or Sickness ($100 deductible per claim)
$5,000 Emergency Reunion
See policy for definitions and exclusions
Increased insurance coverage available on request and at additional cost.
Please inquire with NRCSA at least 3 weeks prior to departure.


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