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NRCSA Center: LSI - Jakarta, Indonesia  


About The NRCSA Center

Our partner school in Jakarta, Indonesia has a solid history of language training, and was one of the first language schools in Jakarta to focus exclusively on the teaching of Bahasa Indonesia to speakers of other languages. While high-quality English-language instruction has long been available to Indonesians living in the Capital, expatriates seeking Bahasa Indonesia training have generally had to settle for informal and inconsistent instruction through private individuals or English-language schools offering less-institutionalized courses in Bahasa Indonesia. The school was founded by a consortium of Indonesian and Canadian educators for the exclusive purpose of introducing an international standard to Indonesian language education in Jakarta.

The school is known as Jakarta’s “Bahasa Indonesia School,” and tailors programs for students from all over the world, using resources reflecting globally recognized best practices in modern language education. In fact, the school has established a special department in charge of the creation of materials and teaching techniques improvement. We are a leader in language training for cultural and commercial institutions, as well as for individual students. Furthermore, we have numerous corporate and academic affiliations with businesses as well as universities in various countries.

A placement test given to students before the course start - which may be in the form of a test or an interview - helps instructors to design an individual learning plan for each student. The programs offer an integral solution for your educational needs as an international student. We take care of all the aspects of your experience to make your stay in our school an unforgettable life adventure.

Located in the West of the island of Java, the school is located in an area full of life close to a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is its most important city, home to almost 14 million people and is the world’s ninth largest city.

This beautiful school, with its bright and spacious classrooms, is an ideal place for students to relax and learn. Classrooms are light and bright with ample space for each student. Our modern facilities offer students a comfortable atmosphere that makes the learning process very enjoyable. Commodities include a computer lab, student lounge, library and wireless zones, so that students will directly experience the history and culture of Jakarta. Wireless internet signals also run throughout the building as well as the library and computer lab, giving LSI students 24 hour access to computers and the internet. Our extensive library is a multi-media facility. It contains computers, CD-ROM, audio materials, and a reading room. Students can also borrow books, videocassettes and DVDs in Bahasa Indonesia for independent or guided study.


About Jakarta, Indonesia

Home of the world’s largest archipelago, it is probably the last territory on earth still not fully explored and mapped. It is a place filled with lush tropical forests, which provide refuge for the one-horned rhinoceros in Java. Monkeys, mist and friendly locals populate this verdant and mountainous world, including the orangutan (Kalimantan and Sumatera), the only great ape living naturally outside Africa; the giant lizard known as the Komodo dragon (the Lesser Sunda Islands); and the the Draco volans (flying dragon), a lizard which glides from trees and other high points.

Jakarta is situated within fairly close proximity of Indonesia's coastline, which spans approximately 100,000 kilometers - the longest in the world and also boasts the greatest marine biodiversity on earth. It is home to 25 percent of the world’s coral reef and 3,500 of the world’s 4,500 reef fish species.

Jakarta is rich in history, architecture and traditions with a genuine Indonesian appeal. You will appreciate its pedestrian streets, excellent restaurants, numerous cafes and virtually unblemished antiquated buildings. Jakarta also has its own museum solely dedicated to the popular pastime of kite flying (the Kite Museum). Museums and other small and quaint neighborhoods are filled with tasty restaurants and folksy artisan shops, while the nearby rainforest hosts a remarkable amount of biodiversity.

As one of the major Indonesian cities, however, Jakarta is the ideal primarily Bahasa-Indonesian speaking city in Indonesia to enjoy everything it has to offer!! The vast majority of the city's residents speak Bahasa Indonesia. Today, Indonesians are overwhelmingly bilingual. In infancy, they learn the native language of their island region and, when they enter school, they learn Bahasa Indonesia – the national language and medium of instruction in educational institutions at all levels throughout the country. It is rare to meet an Indonesian who is not fluent in her or his native tongue as well as the national language. Indonesian also dominates as the language of modern business. Needless to say, in enterprises that involve expatriate staff or international transactions, English, Japanese, Chinese and other foreign languages are widely used, often side-by-side with Indonesian.

Discover and explore the city of Jakarta and its surroundings. You will know places that go beyond your imagination, with abundant opportunities for hiking, bird-watching, and exploring the local forest reserves. Students can take horseback rides to view spectacular sunsets, zip through the canopy of the forest and take weekend trips to the national parks. The staff at LSI also arranges planned excursions throughout the week.

We invite all clients to always use LSI as a resource for information and advice. Our staff is comprised largely of native Indonesians who are more than familiar with their country and well-acquainted with the necessary adjustments involved with settling into Indonesia’s cultural environment.



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