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Program & Admission Information - Pimentel, Chiclayo, Peru  



We offer Spanish lessons to people at all levels, from absolute beginners to those who are at an advanced level. All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers with previous teaching experience to ensure our students get the maximum support during their courses.

We offer group classes with a maximum of 6 students for up to 40 hours per week. Programs start every Monday. Classes are 60 minutes in length.
Our students are evaluated through an oral and written exam. This is our best indicator of your exact level and is especially important for individual classes. For those doing our group lessons; this will determine the class best suited for you. Each week our teachers will assess your progress and maintain a detailed record to ensure you are meeting your goals and expectations.

We believe that learning can be fun as well as useful. This is why we also utilize innovative teaching tools in conjunction with our curriculum, to ensure a good learning experience for students. Through extensive reading, writing, conversational and listening exercises, students are able to practice and implement everything they learn in the classroom. This means, that if you take advantage of our free conversational classes in no time at all you will find yourself speaking fluidly with new friends, as you visit local neighborhoods, markets, and shops.

We have a full time staff of educators who have years of teaching experience, some have been with us for more than twenty years. Our Spanish teaching methodology allows you to learn in quickly in an efficient and effective manner, whether you are a true beginner or at an advanced level. Our approach is to provide courses that are solidly based upon our own proven teaching methodology, so that travelers who have ventured abroad are able to learn in a manner that is beneficial during their time spent on the continent. We are teaching in a different way because our more than twenty-five years of experience ensures that people learn in different ways. Our program will give you the vast vocabulary and knowledge needed to help you interact with the locals while you travel.

In addition to our group classes, we offer individual classes and various combinations, such as group classes with extra individual lessons in the afternoon. We also have Spanish and surf or Spanish and stand up paddle combinations, as well as two of our traveling classrooms that start in Chiclayo. Students have the option to choose a combination to suit their needs.

All courses include the following:
  •   Welcome Walking Tour
  •   Study of grammar (theory and practice)
  •   Exercises to extend vocabulary and pronunciation
  •   Development of listening, writing and reading comprehension, through the use of newspapers, songs and literature
  •   Techniques of oral communication, guided conversation, debates and role plays
  •   Study of Peruvian literature, culture and society
  •   Cultural activities, such as Peruvian Cooking Workshop.
NRCSA programs will held an Orientation session locally. The orientation designed to provide students with important information about immigration, law of the countries, and the services offered by the school. The orientation program also helps you to acquaint to the educational and cultural atmosphere and provide an opportunity to meet other students.

First Day:
With regards to the program, all levels of the language are accepted, from complete beginner to advanced, and your exact level is determined by a placement test to make sure we put you in the right class. One of the unique things about the NRSCA program is the ability to combine the language classes with an extensive choice of culture classes. In addition to the language classes, we also include our culture and social events program in the afternoons for students to interact with other student and learn about the culture.

Teachers use our own course book, developed by a team of our teachers, for about half of the class, while the other half of the class is devoted to special class needs and supplements, such as selected audios, videos, and current readings.

All of our teachers are native speakers with university educations and are very experienced teaching Spanish to foreigners. Most have learned a second language themselves and understand the student's perspective. They are devoted to helping students best reach their goals and to keeping the classes enjoyable and entertaining.

Study & Volunteer Programs Are you interested in volunteering abroad? If so, we offer you a fulfilling experience where you can enrich the lives of others while you learn and discover overseas. Volunteering in South America provides you with a chance to make a difference, while transforming your adventure into whatever you desire. As a volunteer you are able to utilize and improve your skill set and knowledge in a way that benefits the recipient, while you immerse yourself in the culture.

Volunteering projects include:
   Human Medicine
   Social Work with Children
   Environment Conservation
   Wildlife Conservation

Our institutes can link you with our community partners for memorable and authentic experiences in the field of your choice. Currently we have projects focusing on teaching, medicine, culture, development, ecology, working with animals or social programs in an orphanage. When selecting volunteer projects you may want to consider that there are programs which will facilitate direct work with the community, while others will be more behind the scenes.

Whichever project you choose, you can rest assured that we will be there with you every step of the way. We provide a 24/7 support service from our team of project coordinators. They are in place to ensure that you make the most of your experience and every aspect of your service meets the expectations of all involved. Donít worry, if you find yourself in a spot that doesnít quite fit your niche, we will be happy to allow you to sample a different project and arrange a change in placement.

When you decide to book one of our many volunteer programs, you can be confident that you will receive a comprehensive package that will be designed with your needs in mind. This will include an orientation seminar and our local project coordinator will accompany you to your volunteer worksite (when in the same city).

Our local project coordinator will work together with you to address any problems that may arise and solve them expeditiously. If an issue cannot be resolved, we will do our best to arrange a placement in another program that will suit you even better.

Medical Spanish with Shadowing/Volunteer The medical program can be started any Monday year-round, but we request that you register at least 60 days in advance, if possible, for us to set up the Medical Volunteer/Internship portion of the program. Generally we recommend a minimum of 2 weeks of classes before starting the volunteer / internship portion of the program. Volunteer & Internship generally require a minimum commitment of 2-4 weeks.

To give you a better understanding of the medical volunteer / internship options, below are 3 examples of volunteer/internship opportunities. I can not promise a placement at one of the clinic specifically. Your placement will depend on what is available for your specific dates and your background in the area that you wish to volunteer/intern.

*Clinic Option 1:*
Available for Intern or Volunteer in the morning or afternoon (duration could be as short as 2 weeks or as long as 6 months). You will be best served to participate in the mornings, because that is when the majority of patients are seen, but a full day, or half day morning/afternoon is possible. You will have the opportunity to shadow staff within the Consolatory or Hospitalization departments. Areas of
specialization include:
- Anesthesiology - Neurology
- Cardiology - Neurosurgery
- Head and Neck surgery - Neurology
- General surgery - Ophthalmology
- Oncologic surgery - Clinic oncology
- Pediatric surgery - Othorhinolaryngology
- IC and ER - Pathologies
- Dermatology - Pediatrics
- Endocrinology - Radiology
- Gastroenterology - Pain therapy
- Geriatrics - Orthopedics
- Gynecology - Urology

Volunteers/Interns may need to take a psychological test that produces a small cost, before being placed. Passing this test is required. Also a uniform needs to be bought for about 30 Soles (~12 USD). We assist them as well in the test as in getting the uniform.

*Clinic Option 2:*
Only accepting volunteers. Minimum 6 weeks. This placement works mainly with patients who have cancer diagnoses. Volunteer would be shadowing the Psychologist (who does the assessments and provides treatment bt is only on site for 2 full days per week) whenever possible, as well as assisting with other activities throughout the center. These include a variety of supportive tasks that may not be deemed as medical in nature (helping teachers, moving patients to doctors offices, etc.). Monday - Friday from 9-12 in the mornings and/or from 2-4 in the afternoons.

Volunteers may need to take a psychological test that produces a small cost, before being placed. Passing this test is required. We assist them in taking the test.


*Clinic Option 3:*
Volunteer or intern Mon- Fri 7:30 am to 7:30 pm (including breaks, usually to exceeding 8 hours of working time) doing drug and alcohol prevention training in the community and schools in the mornings and in the afternoons they work more closely with medical staff within the clinic itself. Minimum 4 weeks. This place requires a high level of Spanish and for any activities related to mental health /
psychology / rehabilitation a high level of psychology knowledge is necessary.

Inside the project, the volunteers can develop their work in the following Areas:
- Pharmacy
- Laboratory
- S.I.S.
- General Medicine
- Pediatrics
- Gynecology
- Dentistry
- Nutrition
- Environmental sanitation
- Nursing
- Emergencies
- Obstetrics
- Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
- Mental health

Volunteers may need to take a psychological test that produces a small cost, before being placed. Passing this test is required. We assist them in taking the test.


Admissions & Academic Credit

Students 17 years and older are welcomed by the center to attend programs. Students under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult. No previous knowledge of Spanish is required except where otherwise indicated.

It is recommended that prior to arrival, students should undertake a thorough medical examination and consult their physician about the necessary injections. Students should be protected against typhoid, polio, tetanus and hepatitis. There is no malaria in the Cuzco area. Vaccination against cholera is not necessary.

Students desiring credit for their study should contact their home school or request the NRCSA Credit Fact Sheet. Generally, U.S. universities consider 15 hours of study to be equal to 1 semester credit.

For more information about academic credit in Spanish speaking countries, please click here.
For general information on academic credit, please click here.

The school has arranged study programs for some U.S. colleges for which undergraduate or graduate credits has been given. The number of credits granted is determined by the length of stay and number of the classroom hours. Be sure to arrange the NRCSA Credit Option at least 60 days prior to your date of departure.

For those students who have arranged with their home college or university to receive credits for Spanish study abroad, a letter will be issued stating dates of study, hours completed, progress and level of achievement. Get a letter of instructions from your home school and advise the foreign school administrators upon arrival of your credit transfer needs.



Upon request, students may receive a certificate at the end of their Spanish course that indicates number of hours studied and obtained level. Please note, this is not an official certificate.

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