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Program & Admission Information - Angers, France  


The Program

The language courses are open to all levels of students. Each class has a maximum of 20 students, with an average of 10 - 12 students per class. Beginner levels have a maximum of 12 per class. Oral classes have about 10 students per class.

Beginners build up a foundation as quickly as possible to be able to express themselves and communicate through French both in writing and orally. Post Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students extend the range of communication skills, re-enforce what has already been acquired in vocabulary and grammar. The student gradually increases competence in both writing and speaking.

The course method includes enriching vocabulary by studying texts and grammatical structures, and developing comprehension by working individually with novels and news items. Students in the advanced levels of French participating in the semester or academic year programs will have the opportunity to write and defend a dissertation supervised by the teacher.

Summer Program The Summer program offers 21 hours per week at the level into which students have tested. Included are:
  •   12 hours of language instruction
  •   2 hours of laboratory instruction
  •   5 hours of directed conversation
  •   2 hours of inquiry (this is not available to the beginner level. Instead, 2 extra hours of language instruction are substituted).
Classes in Literature, Civilization, and Business are an additional option available and payable locally.

Semester & Academic Year Programs The Semester programs offer a similar but more intensive program with 20 classes of language instruction and 3 hours of optional cultural courses per week.

The Year long program focuses on the French language and culture with more options for the intermediate and advanced levels. Registration is completed upon arrival. Additional Sickness and Health insurance is also included in this program.

Both programs are designed for the student who wants to become proficient in French is order to pursue university studies in French speaking universities or gain academic credit at U.S. universities.

Optional cultural courses include but are not limited to:
  •   French History
  •   French Institutions
  •   The European Union
  •   History of Art
  •   French Literature
  •   French Business
  •   French for Tourism and Hotels
  •   Translation
  •   Philosophy
  •   Drama Workshops


Admissions & Academic Credit

Courses are open to students at any level from age 16 (summer) & 17 (semester & year) to 30 years old. For the year long program a visa and an endorsement by a college or university is necessary. No previous knowledge of French is required except where otherwise indicated.

Students desiring credit for their studies should contact their home school or request the NRCSA Credit Fact Sheet. Generally, U.S. universities consider 15 hours of study to be equal to 1 semester credit.

For more information about academic credit in French speaking countries, please click here.
For general information on academic credit, please click here.


Certificates and Exams

The following preparation courses and exams at additional cost which take place in January and May-June. Diplomas are awarded according to level:
       1. "Certificat d'initiation a la Langue Française" Élémentaire
       2. "Certificat de Langue Française" Élémentaire
       3. "Certificat de Langue et Culture Françaises"
       4. "Diplome de Littérature et Culture Françaises"
       5. DELF
       6. DALF
       7. Awards by the Alliance Francaise de Paris
       8. Awards by the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie of Paris.
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Summer Program
Semester & Academic Year Programs

Admissions & Academic Credit
Certificates and Exams

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