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Program & Admission Information - Lyon, France  



The Center has one main mission: To work collaberatively with each student to succeed in increasing French language proficiency. To achieve this we believe there are 3 essential factors to successfully learning French :

  •   Expert and friendly teachers
  •   Dynamic teaching methods with a communicative approach.
  •   Small classes of 5 - 10 participants

The focus of the program is to work on the practice of the language using oral expression, thus enabling the student to rapidly communicate in everyday situations. The training follows the contents and progression of a manual (French as foreign language) for adults, to which authentic material is added to help the student get a better understanding of the social and cultural aspects of the language. The method is above all interactive and communicative. The programs are carefully structured but sufficiently flexible to allow progress according to each student's level and learning pace.

Teachers are constantly reviewing course material and methods and finding new ideas for different programs.

Smaller groups, with a maximum of 12 participants of diverse backgrounds, for better progression and better value for money.

Well trained and motivated teachers and an administrative service to answer all your questions - to help you with the formalities of registration, for visa application or quite simply to assist you.

There are eight levels of study offered:
  •   True Beginners - No knowledge of the language whatsoever.
  •   False Beginners - Has no or very little knowledge of the language, a few words.
  •   Elementary 1 - Can make simple sentences but has little knowledge of the grammar and can understand if spoken to slowly.
  •   Elementary 2 - Can speak and understand in everyday situations (ordering food, asking your direction, etc.), but finds it difficult to formulate long sentences or hold a conversation.
  •   Intermediate 1 - Comfortable when conversing or understanding French speaking natives, but still makes mistakes and needs to extend knowledge of the various structures and tenses.
  •   Intermediate 2 - Has attained a good level in French, masters more elaborate sentences and is at ease in everyday conversations. Needs to develop vocabulary and grasp the peculiarities of the language.
  •   Advanced 1 - Has acquired a certain autonomy and is at ease when communicating. Emphasis will be made on comprehension of texts and development of written/oral vocabulary and expression.
  •   Advanced 2 - Has an excellent level of French and is now seeking to develop an in-depth knowledge of the language or focus on a special interest.

Throughout every course, both teachers and the Director of Studies closely monitor students' progression, so that step by step students will move from one level to another at their own pace. Furthermore, if a student feels that he/she is having difficulty understanding the lessons or finds them too easy, then the Director of Studies will be happy to find a solution to the problem.

All group programs have a maximum of 10 students per class, with an average of 6. Each lesson has a duration of 45 minutes.

Standard Program Group 20 lessons per week. The Standard Program is a general French program that takes place during the morning.

Intensive Program Group 30 lessons per week. Elementary-Intermediate level required. The Intensive Course combines the Standard Program of 22 lessons with 8 lessons per week in the afternoon based around the discovery of France and the French through communicative and creative skills. There is a maximum of 10 students per class, with an average of 6.

French & Leisure Program 2 weeks, Group 20 lesson + 6 leisure activities per week. The French & Leisure Program is ideal for those seeking to combine language study with a holiday. It includes the Standard Program of 20 lessons and 6 leisure activities per week.

Sample activities include:

  •   Vineyard excursion and visit to a wine chateau
  •   Wine tasting lesson
  •   French cookery class
  •   Guided tour of Bordeaux
  •   Museum excursion
  •   French films

Leisure activities will vary by season.

French for Business Program 30 lessons per week-20 Group + 10 Tutor. Intermediate-Advanced level required.
The French for Business Program combines the Standard Program of 20 lessons per week with 10 individual tutor lessons per week. Centered on the business world, the program is tailored to suit the specific requirements of executives and business people aiming to acquire a real ease in commercial French, through: reports, commercial correspondence, business presentations (organization chart, business setting-up), job presentation, current commercial topics, etc.

Standard Group Program + Bordeaux Wine Standard Group Program plus 15 or more lessons of wine lectures and tastings. The Bordeaux wine course is designed for wine lovers, both at a professional or amateur level, and combines a French learning program with the pleasures of tasting some of the most outstanding wines of France.

The Wine Course is offered every afternoon from Monday to Friday for groups of 6 to 12 students. Classes are conducted in French and translated into English by a professional wine taster at L'Ecole du Bordeaux, run by Chateau Lynch-Bages.

By tasting some of the greatest vintages of the Bordeaux classics you will learn the 'art of tasting.' By the end of the course, you will be able to properly analyse wine and accurately describe its aromas and flavors. You will learn how to differentiate Bordeaux wines from other French wines, and will be introduced to the up-and-coming wines in the region. You will also be invited to discover some of the most prestigious chateaux in the world, and will receive a certificate of course completion.

Wine Course Content and Focuses follow:
Monday: Conference and Tasting
Understanding White Wines

The different regions around Bordeaux and their wines
The making of the great Bordeaux whites
Enhancing the aromas of dry whites
The magic of sweet Sauternes wine making

Wine tasting lesson: Gestures, holding a glass properly, vocabulary.

Tuesday: Conference and Tasting
Understanding Red Wines

The process of making Red wines

Wine tasting lesson: Blend your own Bordeaux wine. This is a specialty of the Ecole du Bordeaux. You get to play the role of the cellar master, and make the blend of your choice using the four main grape varieties of the Bordeaux wines.

Wednesday: Visits
Discovery of the famous Medoc red vineyards

Visits to perhaps the most famous vineyard in
the world, home of four fantasic First Growths: Margaux, Mouton-Rotschild, Latour and Lafite.
Visit of a Grand Cru Classe

Thursday: Conference and Tasting
The diversity of the great Bordeaux red wines

Medoc, St. Emilion, and Graves areas: History and wines
Wine classifications: Understanding the puzzling Bordeaux rankings

Wine tasting lesson: Sample Bordeaux red wines to experience their power, softness, and complexity. Enjoy 4 red wines from the Medoc, St. Emilion, and Graves regions.

Friday: Visits
Discovery of the village of St. Emilion and its vineyards

Visits of St. Emilion, a medieval town and one of the UNESCO world heritage villages
Discover the picturesque landscape of St. Emilion, the land of Ausone and Cheval Blanc
Visit of a famous St. Emilion Grand Cru Classe


Admissions & Academic Credit

The school welcomes students age 17 years and older in the adult programs, regardless of educational background, occupation or nationality. No previous knowledge of French is required except where otherwise indicated.

Students desiring credit for their study programs should contact their home school or request the NRCSA Credit Fact Sheet. Generally, U.S. schools consider 15 hours of study to be equal to 1 semester credit.

For more information about academic credit in French speaking countries, please click here.
For general information on academic credit, please click here.


Certificates & Exams

All students receive a Certificate of Attendance indicating the level of French they have attained at the end of their program.

The school can prepare students for the following exams:

  •   DELF 1 Examination
  •   DELF 2 Examination
  •   DALF Examination
  •   TEF of the Paris Chamber of Commerce
Program Overview (PDF)

Standard Program
Intensive Program
French & Leisure Program
French for Business Program
Standard Group Program + Bordeaux Wine

Admissions & Academic Credit
Certificates & Exams

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