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Business French Seminar - Cannes, France  

8 hours per week; 32 hours total in each four week session. Advanced Intermediate Level Required.
The Business French Module provides 8 class hours per week in addition to either the Standard or Intensive French Program.

The objectives of the seminar include:
  •   To open a window to the socioeconomic climate of France and Europe.
  •   To offer an approach to the world of international affairs.
  •   To uncover the intricate functions of French and European firms and their relationship with fundamental institutions.
  •   To become familiar with the vocabulary and the specific means of expression necessary to communicate in the field of the business.

An exam is held following each four week session allowing students obtain a certificate of economic and commercial practice issued by the Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

Please Note: This is an add-on course; cannot be taken alone.

Business French Seminar
Number of hours per week: 8 hours
Available: Spring and Fall.
*3 Continuous Sessions Required for Enrollment in Business French Seminar.
Language levels applicable: advanced intermediate level (course 220) and higher
Certificate Preparation for:
  • Certificat Pratique de Français Commercial et Economique de la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris
  • Certificat d’Etudes Commerciales en Langue Française de l’Alliance Française
  • Certificat d’Etudes Commerciales du Collège International
  • D.E.L.F. (unité A6)

Seminar Description

  • Socioeconomic Topics
    • General presentation of France
    • Population
    • Industry
    • Agriculture
    • The Tertiary Sector
    • The Crisis
    • European Union
    • The Intervention of the State in the Economy
    • Tourism and the region of Provence-Côte-d’Azur
  • Trade Topics
    • General Information on Business Organization
    • Distribution Network, Sales, Invoicing, Regulations
    • Publicity and Public Relations
    • The Bank
    • The Post Office
    • Transportation
    • Customs and Foreign Trade
    • Insurance
    • Taxes
  • Communication Topics
    • Drafting of letters within the framework of company/client and company/supplier relations, and with the various partners referred to above.
    • Information Circulation and Publicity
    • Other Forms of Communication
      • Fax
      • Telegram
      • Memorandum
      • Calling card
      • Telephone messages
      • Instructions
  • Practical Study of the French Language
    • Exercises of vocabulary (to find the right word, synonyms, homonyms, definitions, etc.)
    • Translations
    • Comprehension of Texts
    • Dictation

Example of a Seminar Lesson

  • From an authentic document (for example 15 minutes video recording) or of an economic document on a topic of the program, discussion and comparative study on the selected subject.
  • Enrichment of the vocabulary.
  • Examples illustrating the problem through the newspaper articles.
  • Exercise practice of vocabulary or of comprehension on this same topic.


  • Course Books
    • “Le français commercial” Michel Danilo, Odile Challe (Presse Pocket - 1985)
    • “Commerce - Affaires” Gisèle Pou, Michèle Sanchez (Clé International - collection “Entrainez-vous” 1993)
    • “Economie” Gisèle Pou, Michèle Sanchez (Clé International - collection “Entraînez-vous” -1993)
  • Other Materials
    • General Economy
      • “Géographie: la France et la C.E.E.” - Remy Knafou (Belin - 1985)
      • “L’économie française face aux défis mondiaux” - L. et G. Bremond (Hatier, 1985)
      • “Rapport annuel mondial sur le système économique et les stratégies (Ramsés, Atlas economica)
      • “La France depuis 1945” (Profil dossier Hatier - 1985)
      • Le rapport économique annuel du quotidien “Le Monde”
      • “Etat de la France 94” (Editions de la Découverte - 1994)
    • Techniques & Trade
      • “Situations et techniques commerciales” - O. Girault, D. Nony (Foucher/Hatier International -1987)
      • “Cours pratique de commerce” - A. Holveck, Ch Muli (Delagrave - 1982)
      • “Rendez-vous des entrepreneurs” (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris - 1988)
    • General Economy and Techniques & Trade
      • La valise du français des affaires (Chambre de Commeyce et d’Industrie de Paris - 1989)
      • Cassettes audio et vidéo et presse spécialisée: “Les Echos”, “L’Expansion”, “La Tribune”, “Alternatives économiques”, “Capital”

Important note: This program is NOT available during the summer session.

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