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French Literature Seminar - Cannes, France  

3.5 hours per week; 14 hours total in each four week session. Advanced Intermediate Level Required.
The French Literature Seminar provides 3.5 class hours per week in addition to either the Standard or Intensive French Program. The seminar aims to build a knowledge of the prominent French literary figures from the 17th century to modern times. It presents the student with a chronological study of the authors represented, as well as a thematic development to be determined at the start of the course with regard to the literary exposure and sensibility of the students.

The objectives of the seminar include:

  •   To introduce the large French literary currents of the XVII century to the XX century: classicism, romanticism, realism, surrealism, existentialism.
  •   To study of one or two authors per century who are representative of the various literary currents
  •   To develop the literary sensitivity of the student by the analysis of texts and the acquisition of a certain number of concepts
  •   To develop the pleasure of reading in French.
Please Note: This is an add-on course; cannot be taken alone.

French Literature Seminar
Number of hours per week: 3.5 hours.
Available: Spring and Fall.
Language levels applicable: advanced intermediate level (course 220) and higher.
Certificate Preparation for:
  • Certificat du Collège International
  • Diplôme supérieur de l’Alliance Française
  • Diplôme de Hautes Etudes Françaises

Seminar Description

  • Introduction
    • Presentation of the Selected Topic
      • Example: “la rencontre”
  • The XVII Century
    • Presentation of the century and the literary currents.
    • Study of a representative author and a work.
      • Mrs. of LAFAYETTE: “La Princesse de Clèves”
        • Practical study on an extract: “la rencontre au bal”
  • The XVIII Century
    • Presentation of the century and the literary currents.
    • Study of a representative author and a work.
      • Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU: “Les Confessions”
        • Practical study on an extract: “la rencontre avec Mme. de Warrens”
  • The XIX Century
    • Presentation of the Century
    • The Novel in XIX Century
      • Study of three authors
        • STENDHAL: “Le Rouge et le Noir”
          • Practical study on an extract: “la rencontre avec Mme. de Rénai”
        • BALZAC: “Le Père Goriot” and “Le Lys dans la Vallée”
          • Presentation of the author and “La Comédie Humaine”
          • Practical study on extracts
            • “...elle était le lys de cette vallée.”
            • “la rencontre avec Mme. de Mortsauf”
        • FLAUBERT: “L’éducation sentimentale”:
          • Practical study on extract “Frédéric Moreau rencontre Mme. Amoux”
  • The XX Century
    • Presentation of the principal literary currents.
    • Study of a representative work
      • Alain FOURNIER: “Le grand Meaulnes”
        • Practical study on extracts of “grand Meaulnes”
      • Surrealism
        • Paul ELUARD: poem “Liberté” (“Poésie et Vérité”)
        • Practical Study 1: André BRETON's “Nadja”
        • Practical Study 2: André BRETON's “L’union libre”

Example of a Seminar Lecture & Practical Study

  • Lecture
    • General information over the literary century
    • Presentation of a literary current
    • Presentation of an author representative of this current
    • Presentation of selected work
  • Practical Study
    • Reading
    • Analyzes and synthesis starting from an extract discussion
    • Distribution of the text to be explained for the following meeting, and of additional documents allowing the students to work in an autonomous way.


  • Course Books
    • “XVIème siècle”, XVIIème siècle”, “XVIIIème siècle”, “XIXème siècle”, “XXème siècle” Collection littéraire “Lagarde et Michard” (Bordas - 1965)
    • Littérature “Textes et documents”: XVII, XVIII, XIX, XXème siècles (Collection Henri Mitterand - 1989)
  • Other Materials (according to the program of the session)
    • “Dictionnaire Bordas de Littérature Française”, H. Lemaître (Bordas - 1988)
    • “XXème siècle (Magnard - 1985)
    • Dans les collections de poche (Folio, Livre de Poche, Press Pocket)
      • “La Princesse de Clèves” (Mme. de LA FAYETTE)
      • “Les Confessions” Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU
      • “Le Rouge et le Noir” STENDRAL
      • “Le Père Goriot” Honoré de BALZAC
      • “Le Lys dans la vallée” Honoré de BALZAC
      • “L’éducation sentimentale” Gustave FLAUBERI
      • “Le grand Meaulnes” Alain FOURNIER
      • “Poésies” Paul ELUARD
      • “Nadja” André BRETON

Important note: This program is NOT available during the summer session.

Please Note: At the times when this seminar is in high demand resulting in a larger than normal group, whole works are replaced by short texts and the stress is laid on the analysis of the text.

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