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French Political Life Seminar - Cannes, France  

3.5 hours per week; 14 hours total in each four week session. Intermediate Level Required.
The French Political Life Seminar provides 3.5 class hours per week in addition to either the Standard or Intensive French Program. The seminar sheds light on the political institutions of the 5th Republic of France, current attempts to renovate the political landscape, as well as how a politician manages his/her image.

The objectives of the seminar include:

  •   Study the institution of the country's political landscape: fundamental belief, political parties, communication techniques in the media
  •   Conduct comparative analyses between France and various foreign countries.
The lectures are supplemented by concrete study of texts and video documents (debates, political statements, etc.).

Please Note: This is an add-on course; cannot be taken alone.

French Political Life Seminar
Number of hours per week: 3.5 hours.
Available: Spring and Fall.
Language levels applicable: intermediate level (course 210) and higher.
Certificate Preparation for: Certificat du Collège International

Seminar Description

  • Introduction
    • The influence of political ideas of the French revolution on the political system.
    • Short review of the political and constitutional history of 1789 to 1958.
  • Political institutions of the 5th Republic
    • Adoption of the Constitution of October 4, 1958
      • Executive power
        • The President of the Republic
          • Mode of election
          • Capacities
          • Role
      • The Government
        • Composition
        • Capacities
        • Role
        • Relations with the President
      • Legislative power
        • Composition
        • Mode of election
        • Capacities
          • The vote of the law.
          • The control of the governmental action.
      • The Constitutional Council
        • Composition
        • Role
        • Capacities
          • The revision of the Constitution.
  • Political parties
    • Role in the French political system.
    • Systematic study of the principal parties.
      • Organization
      • Financing
      • Political programs
      • Attempts at restoration of the political scene.
  • The Political Communication in France
    • The management of the image of the politician.
      • Techniques of communication
      • Use of the survey
      • Work of the specialized agencies
    • The paramount role of media
      • television.
  • Discussion
    • Does the disaffection of the French people with regards to public policy effect the politician or the policy itself?

Example of a Seminar Lecture & Practical Study

  • Lecture on the techniques of communication used by politicians.
  • Practical study and analysis of a political debate on television


  • Course Books
    • “Droit Constitutionnel et Science Politique” - Bernard Chantebout (Armand-Colin, Collection U, 11 édition, 1992)
  • Other Material
    • “Guide du citoyen aujourd’hui” - Martine FeIl et Dominique Bossuyt (Hachette - 1988)
    • “La Vème République” - Ch. Debbasch et J. Bourdon, J.C. Ricci et J.M. Pontier (Economica, 3 édition - 1992)
    • “La politique en France sous la Vème République” - H. Portelli (Grasset - 1987)
    • “La Vème République: Histoire politique et constitutionnelle” - P. Avril (P.U.F. 1987)
    • “Les grands textes de la pratique institutionnelle de la Vème République” (Notes et études Documentaires, La Documentation française - 1992)

Important note: This program is NOT available during the summer session.

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