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French Society Seminar - Cannes, France  

3.5 hours per week; 14 hours total in each four week session. Intermediate Level Required.
The French Society Seminar provides 3.5 class hours per week in addition to either the Standard or Intensive French Program. The seminar's aim is to unfold the many facets of French society through a political, cultural, and sociological exploration. Various aspects will be covered through the uses of recent documentation, which includes the geographical pattern in French society and the economic, political and agricultural transformations within the country.

The objectives of the seminar include:

  •   A geographical presentation of French social life
  •   Presentation of historical socio-politics and socio-economic dimensions
  •   Exploration of modern French society
Please Note: This is an add-on course; cannot be taken alone.

French Society Seminar
Number of hours per week: 3.5 hours.
Available: Spring and Fall.
Language levels applicable: intermediate level (course 210) and higher.
Certificate Preparation for: Certificat du Collège International

Seminar Description

  • Geographical Presentation of French Social Life
    • Presentation of the French landscape
    • Urbanization and its effects on the social life (life of the cities and life of the fields, etc.)
    • Parisianism and provincialism
    • Environmental study
      • "Les verts"
      • New behaviors of the French vis-à-vis their "space"
      • A man: Cousteau
    • French in their region (Provence, etc.)

  • Presentation of Historical Socio-politics and Socio-economic Dimensions
    • France in Transition (1945 to present day)
      • The Sixties
      • 1973
      • 1981
    • Images of French political life
      • Centralism: a French evil
      • Right-wing vs. left-wing politics
      • Political parties and institutions
      • "Le Pen" effect and its limits
      • The image of the president
      • Study of an electoral campaign
    • Socio-politics
      • French vis-a-vis the political life (abstentions, etc.)
      • French and trade-union engagement
      • Are the French European?
    • Average Frenchman: socio-economic profile
      • Standard of living and social classes
      • Economic branches of industry
      • Life in the firm (the "Tapie years")
      • Lazy France?
      • French vis-a-vis the crisis: unemployment, the "new poor", etc.
  • The French 2002 & Beyond
    • Facts and statistics
      • Distribution
      • An aging France
    • Today's family
      • The role of women
      • Couple
      • The elderly
    • A factor of change: immigration
      • History of immigration in France
      • What's a "Français de souche"?
      • The factors of integration and social tension
    • Religion: the church's role
      • The different religious communities
      • Religious practice
    • The French and education
      • Scolar system and university
      • Elitism and democracy in the schools
    • The FRench and leisure
      • Media
      • Vacation; French cuisine; fashion; etc.

  • Conclusion
    • Round table discussion of elements
      • French moral values: social unity or individualism?


  • “Francoscopie” - Gérard Mermet (Larousse - 1992)
  • "Euroscopie" - Gérard Mermet (Larousse - 1992)
  • "L'Etat de la France" - (LA découverte - 1994)
  • "Les Français" - Th. Zeldin (Collection Point)
  • "The French" - Th. Zeldin (Fontana paperbacks - 1985)
  • "La France aujourd'hui - (Clé)
  • "Les statistiques de l'I.N.S.E.E."
  • "Histoire et Géographie de la France" - (Magnard - 1989)

Important note: This program is NOT available during the summer session.

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