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Cities in France
Paris - West
Paris - Latin Quarter

Other French Speaking Countries

Scale of Levels - Paris, France  

Use the Scale of Levels to see where you are now, and to set yourself a goal. Please keep in mind that what can be achieved in a given time varies from person-to-person. As a `rule of thumb,' a talented and hardworking student can complete Elementary or Intermediate level (Levels 3 through 7 ) in 3 months in an Intensive Program. It takes longer than this at Advanced levels, as the complexity of what is learned increases.

Level 1 / Common European Framework Level A1
  •   simple communication on holiday
  •   make reservations in hotels
  •   get what you need in restaurants and shops

Level 2 / Common European Framework Level A2
  •   obtain simple information
  •   understand answers to questions
  •   discuss what to do
  •   describe activities

Level 3 / Common European Framework Level A2+
  •   make yourself understood in predictable everyday situations
  •   obtain specific information
  •   describe events and personal experiences

Level 4 / Common European Framework Level B1
  •   maintain a conversation and chat with friends
  •   respond flexibly to different situations
  •   express feelings
  •   from this level you can use the language in the workplace

Level 5 / Common European Framework Level B1+
  •   join in a conversation unprepared
  •   formulate thoughts
  •   monitor and pass on information
  •   give detailed instructions

Level 6 / Common European Framework Level B2
  •   participate actively in longer discussions
  •   describe problems in detail
  •   react to the comments of others
  •   talk on the phone without difficulty
  •   employers value examination certificates at this level

Level 7 / Common European Framework Level B2+
  •   keep up with a lively discussion among native speakers and interact spontaneously and comfortably
  •   present and defend your own point of view
  •   reliably pass on detailed information

Level 8 / Common European Framework Level C1
  •   intervene in a discussion appropriately
  •   develop ideas systematically
  •   emphasize specific point in meetings, seminars, reports, presentations
  •   this level is important for study at university

Level 9 / Common European Framework Level C1+
  •   feel fully comfortable in the language
  •   be creative in the language and develop a personal style
  •   put across complex points of view in meetings, seminars, reports, presentations

Level 10 / Common European Framework Level C2
  •   achieve a precise, differentiated expression of thoughts and opinions in a natural style
  •   argue your case and negotiate skillfully
  •   write virtually flawless essays and reports


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